Sunday, January 20, 2008

what to do, what to do???

Well that certainly wasn't a problem yesterday...our day was full of things to do! After we got up and dh made breakfast, showered, etc., we were on the go all day and night. We had a wedding to go to at 2pm, so first we ran over to Kohl's-paid my bill, then to Target- returned a couple of items, picked up a card and a gift for the wedding...dh wanted to look at Harleys...checked some out...he took one out on a test drive, ride, spin? whatever....then back to the rv to get ready for the wedding...uh-oh! I forgot to get dd 1 & 2 stockings as they asked...back to Target...they don't have the ones I want...over to Walmart (thank goodness right across the street) back to the, hair, dressed...out the the South east side of Houston....dh is driving-ack!
We get there safely with plenty of time to spare-thank YOU, LORD!

The wedding was beautiful. I cried and I don't even really know the couple. The groom is the son of an old friend of ours. We probably haven't seen them in 10 years (but continued to keep in touch) We met them at the church the wedding was at when our oldest dd was about 7 or 8. One of the assistant pastors married the couple. He is Jewish converted Christian. He use to teach Sunday School when we were there. Boy what a great teacher! It was great to hear him teach/preach/marry this beautiful young couple. After greeting all the guests and the formalities, he said he would like to share his one of his favorite times in the Bible when Jesus was invited to the wedding in Cana and how he changed or transformed the water into wine. He said just as those people invited Jesus to their wedding, you have done a wise thing by inviting Jesus into yours (the young couple) and also that Jesus in the next several years as a married couple will transform their lives from two to one. It was so neat how he shared it with them and then he shared the importance of a covenant-and as a former Jew, he would know that teaching. What I really like about this man is that you can hear the love of Jesus in his voice and see it in his eyes-SO much compassion.

The reception was also beautiful! Tons of food! We had a chance to see another couple we hadn't seen in years. That was kinda weird because we use to hang out with them almost on a daily basis and then they seemed quite uncomfortable with us yesterday. Time truly changes things. We got to visited briefly with the grooms parents (our friends) and then we had to get going. Why you may ask? Because the company dh works for was having a winter gala (that I found out about on Wednesday evening)

We go back to the rv take a very short nap, touch up the makeup (now a little more dramatic), touch up the hair (like I needed more hairspray in it...LOL) change clothes and off we go again...I wore the same black slacks (as my Nana would call them) to the wedding and changed into a back velvety with silver glittery top. (It was a fancy black tie kinda thing, gala) I was leaving a glittery trail where ever I went last night....quite entertaining to me...since dh is a contractor and hardly knew the hundreds (or so it seemed) people there, I needed something to keep me entertained. LOL-JK(well about the glitter keeping me entertained, I did find it quite amusing needless to say) After standing at this place for a good 30 minutes looking around for anyone dh knows he finally spots someone. I said, kiddingly, should we run over there? Turned out it was also a contractor and his wife...very nice couple...I'm sure they thought dh and I are nutty-but imho that kinda goes without saying...any how, over all it was a nice evening and we finally headed back to the rv around 11 pm. Where this Cinderella quickly brushed her teeth, washed her makeup off, and moisturized before slipping into her jammies, and crawling off into beddy bye...

I'll post the pic they made us while we were there when I have access to the scanner.