Monday, November 26, 2007's MONDAY....

It's Monday after Thanksgiving...I'm tired...I have stuff to do...I'm not sure if this is worse than a regular Monday or not...or IS this a regualr Monday? I don't think so...a Monday after a holiday is definitely NOT a regular Monday...but this much is is still the day the LORD has made...I WILL rejoice and be glad in it. Blessings to all of you!


pottermom said...

I need that attitude. Rejoice and be glad.
Yup, that's the ticket.

Ange said...

Well - I'm gg to try to keep up with you over here. Seems a lot of people are moving. I'm no good at templates and such anyway so it doesn't matter to me if homeschoolblogger is not easy to use.
Hmmm I was checking into PSP specials for weeks and on Black Friday and never saw any so I'm wondering what it was your daughter saw. Oh well we decided to get DS a nintendo DS instead anyway - seems to be more games for his age.

Ange said...

Thanks for the ortho referral. I have 3 appts set up already but if I'm not happy with those I'll check your guy out. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving

Angela said...

Hi Bobbi,
I saw you changed over but have not had the time to change the address on my blog. Now that we're in Montana and have wireless, I'll be able to change it quickly. Well...I hope so anyway. I love your template over here! Very pretty!

Have a great week!