Monday, June 29, 2009

26 years ago

I miss you mom!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Sing-Along

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

yes, I'm still around....still in Fargo...

Haven't felt much like being on the computer or typing, so that's why no new posts...have plenty to's kinda overwhelming...

Where to begin? Umm...we finally got here on Memorial Day. My sister helped us drive up, since we were needing to get 4 vehicles up here. We put on on the low boy trailer, and pulled the dog up on the smaller low boy in a crate dh made for him. DH pulled the RV...we still have to go back and get the boat. We plan on doing that during 4th of July weekend. It will be a quick and tiring trip, but necessary.

We got a call on Memorial Day, as we were finishing the drive up, from a realtor. His client was interested in buying our house, but could only get financed for X amount and wondered if we would take that price. We decided we would, called our realtor and then didn't hear anything else. It was quite frustrating. Today, dh got an email from our realtor, and apparently those same people are still interested in the house, something with financing is holding them up. So I guess we wait...

After being here a few days, we met up with the realtor that dh had contacted when still in TX. He showed us the property was telling dh about. There's a guy that has about 400 acres and has a house, feed silo, and work shed...but he doesn't want them, so he wants to sell about 30 acres with them on it. We are still in negotiations with him...something on his end...but it looks promising. The house is old and needs to be torn down, but it has a basement that we can utilize.

Since we been here, we've gone to Detroit Lakes, MN and had a bbq. It was lovely and dh and I could see us having a summer home there. LOL! We also went to Jamestown, ND and went to a kite festival and had a cookout in the Walmart parking imagine people looking at us, trying to figure out what we were doing...we were making memories of course!!!! This past weekend we went to Minneapolis and went to an a ball game. The Astros were up for an inter league series with the Twins. We had great fun and the Twin fans are pleasant! We also went to the Mall of America...a true dream place! It was awesome!!! The girls and I are already planning a shopping trip in October for Christmas shopping. Being from Houston, it was like Astroworld and the Galleria all thrown into one place, only better!!! (and they had a Starbuck's like on every floor-can't get much better than that!)

We haven't met any friends yet. I've contacted the homeschool groups in the area, but no one meets for summer. I've also tried to connect with a online yahoo group, but no one has is kinda lonely around the it will get better. We are going to start checking out churches...not many nondenominational churches up here...that might be a challenge. LOL...

The first few weeks we had crazy weather. The day after we got here, the moving truck pulled into the storage and it was in the 40's...I had to go get some warm clothes from Walmart, because mine were all in the RV or packed (the RV was 40 miles away...we've since moved it to town at the fairgrounds). Then it warmed up for a few days and then it was cold again. We went to a "Ribfest" at NDSU and froze, because another cold front moved in the day we decided to go. It was so cold and windy. Apparently, not only ND is known for it's cold, but it's wind! The Ribfest was fun, but the ribs weren't all that least nothing like we were use to in TX, even if one of the competitors was from Ft. Worth! Dh (dd and ds) enjoyed a Three Dog Night concert and I got to talk to some of the locals...of course it helped that I was joking with several of them...there was this HUGE container of wipes on our table, and people were coming around to get them. I told them I was charging a dime a wipe...some of the people here didn't get it! Many don't have a sense of humor. The first guy I said something was like, "but aren't they just here to use?" I'm like joking sir...he never got it. Most people were humored by it though!

I think that's about it for now...I would appreciate if you all continue to keep us in your prayers for the selling of the house and for us to find the right house/property (if this one doesn't work).

Blessings until next time!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Sing-Along

Thursday, June 11, 2009

44 1/2...

Yesterday was my 44 1/2 birthday. It might not mean anything significant to any of you, but it meant something to me. My mom past away exactly on her 44 1/2 birthday. (That will be 26 years ago, June 29th).

I know that I'm washed in the blood of JESUS and I shouldn't have worried about it, but somehow it was always in the back of my mind...will I live longer than my mom? The devil aways has a way of nagging at us, keeping us from focusing on GOD's perfect will for our lives. It's his kill, steal, and destroy! Thank goodness we are redeemed. Thank goodness that we have the victory through JESUS' death and resurrection!

If you don't have peace that passes all understanding, if fear, doubt, and insecurity have taken over your peace...turn to JESUS. HE is there with open arms to hold you and comfort you, to give you peace that passes all understanding.


I bet you all are wondering about moving to Fargo, etc...I'll try to share that in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I would appreciate prayers. Our house in TX hasn't sold, and we really need to buy something before winter sets in here (which will come sooner than I would like...) So if you all don't mind, please pray. Thanks!

Blessings until next posting!