Sunday, December 30, 2007

Free Speech

There's a monitor (or monitors) over at my favorite board (or was my favorite board) that continues to delete my posts....I think it's because she thinks they hurt someone's feelings. I pray and post GOD's leading...most of the time. I wait and carefully choose my words. When I have posted something inappropriate (when I didn't pray or typed in anger) I've asked for forgiveness or deleted my post. I'm really irritated! It makes me sad that I don't have freedom to post there anymore. :(

Jesus didn't wash down his words to be politically should I? I don't think so. Yes, our speech as Christians should be with grace...but sometimes even when it is, people will be offended because they don't agree with you. The board was discussing possible candidates for the upcoming presidential elections. One gal asked if she was the only democrat on the board and she and her dh have their own business and are interested in health care...okay...but what about trusting GOD for everything??? We as Christians are suppose to yield everything to GOD including our health. I made a statement that if the church was doing what it was suppose to and people put there trust in GOD we wouldn't need healthcare...just like other things....welfare, lawyers. etc...We as Christians need to give all areas to GOD and trust HIM for everything. Apparently that didn't go over well and I was least I'm the only one that can delete this!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Battle for the Brakes...

We've had some problems with connecting the RV to the truck. As soon as we picked up the rv and started down the road we started having problems...the brakes on the rv weren't working. At first dh thought it was the truck computer needed to be reset...$90...brakes on RV still not working...urgh!!! Dh goes through his end of the wiring...doesn't look like it's on our end...we drive to the dealership yesterday to let them look at RV...they find a burned out wire on RV...still does not solve the problem...the dealership thinks it's the brake box in the truck we drive the RV home. On the way we stop at the Sports Supercenter Cabelas...get a new brake box. Dh hooks it up...still no brakes on the RV...we drive home very frustrated!!! DH misses work to figure it out. He rewires everything on our end...still NO Brakes on RV....UGH!!! We go back down to the dealership (an hour and half away...) on the way dh thinks th brake box is not getting a connection because of something on one of the tire brakes from RV itself. He tells guy at dealership, guy checks it out...Houston we have BRAKES!!!! YEAH!!!!! PTL!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

gift giving disasters...

I start shopping for Christmas during the summer some years...this was one of those years...unfortunately my gift giving was some what disasterous...
I bought my dad the game Are You Smarter Than a 5th grader because he loves the show...someone in my stepmom's family already got my dad one, and then my sister got him one too...
I bought my sister a robe...she's had the same one for 20+ dad and stepmom got her one...apparently she asked for one and told them...I got her one cuz I thought after 20 years she needed one...
I got my stepmom this beautiful jacket/ was too small...I got a fabulous deal on it and thought it looked like her...the problem was they only had a small...I thought it might work (and I prayed...) but it didn't...

Needless to say, I feel like I failed miserably in the gift giving department this year. :( I guess next year I'll just stick to gift cards...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sing-Along Sunday

Well I was going to dedicate a song to my friend Mary, since she's graduated this life and moved on to Heaven, but I just can't seem to find the perfect instead in honor of JESUS and HIS bithday celebration I picked this instead...the first video is a more real to life/today kinda video...if you perfer a traditional nativity scene then you can watch the other one-the quality of music isn't as good though...and please don't forget to turn down the playlist below. Blessings and Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Very Sad, yet Rejoicing News...

My friend, Mary, went to be with Jesus today. Please pray for her family and friends. Thanks.

Happy 25th Anniversary TS and E

Will you all stop by and wish my friend, TS, and her dh, E, Happy 25th Anniversary? I know her irl...she and her dh are wondeful, loving people!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

King Tut

Anyone that knows me knows I am fascinated by King Tut. In 1977, I saw the King Tut exhibit in Chicago. Last year we planned a trip to go see the exhibit again up in Chicago...but it didn't work out. Then this year we were suppose to see the exhibit up in Philadelphia, but that didn't work our either. :(

For years I've been telling my kids about King Tut...well this song. Yesterday while listening to the '70's on Sirrus in the van we heard it and my kids were cracking today we went searching on YouTube to find the original video...ta-da...Entertainment-does it get better than this? LOL, JK!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Makes a momma proud...

I know all I did was watch her grow into a the fine young woman she is...I give GOD all the glory and honor and praise for the woman she is and is becoming...Please go check out my dd's (Doodlebugs) blog!

Cookie/Candy Exchange

About a week and a half ago, my friend, R, was teling about a cookie exchange party she and her dd were going to. I thought, 'What a great idea. I'll do one too'...Well, I'm not so sure it was a great idea...I mean the idea is fun, and the baking part I love...but trying to get people to come around Christmas...not such a great idea...but I'm going ahead with it, and I'm sure it will be fun no matter what...I made Gingersnaps, White chocolate-cranberry-oatmeal cookies, homemade almond roca...and I'm planning on making mint brownie cups, and fudge...I might make one more candy...not sure yet...I'm serving some snacks...haven't decided what-maybe cookies??? LOL...I think we'll have eggnog, spiced cider, and hot chocolate. Oh and I'm giving away door prizes...I'll let you all know how it turns out...It's tonight.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Sing-Along

Friday, December 14, 2007

Where I got the title for my blog...

Yep, I love this song! This is my all time 2nd favorite Christian song! and since life is a great adventure, and my many travels and my life reflect that...How could I NOT post it?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

PRAISE REPORT-Update on Mary...

This is the latest update on Mary...(apparently I missed a msg saying her family decided not to just put her on comfort can read where they first decided to here) Anyhow this is the news posted today...Here's the original post...or you can read it below.
Some good news from Kim! The Lord has granted some miracles. Mary is off the ventilator for several hours a day. Internal healing is starting very, very slowly. She's off the heart and blood pressure meds.
However, she is still in grave condition with many, many issues. Keep praying for the Lord's will for Mary. Her situation is truly a moment by moment one.

Please keep praying!

Taking the Plunge-100 things I'm thankful for...

My friend, Trusting Daily, has a challenge on her board to post 100 things you're thankful for...well I was inspired to do it, and then thought nobody will read my list (although I read hers)...then I went over to my friend, Dangela, and she has a 100 thankful list and I read all of I thought well I'll do one too...but I'm going to break my down into lists of 20. I figured it's a little easier on the eyes-well at least on mine. :P
So here goes...100 things I'm thankful for...

1. OUR HEAVENLY FATHER-too many reasons in its self to explain...but here's a big one-because HE created everything!

2. JESUS CHRIST-who lived, died, rose again ,and is coming back again for me and all who believe! who set me free, redeemed me, healed me, give me peace, etc, etc, etc, according to Isaiah 53:5

3. HOLY GHOST or SPIRIT if you prefer-for being our intercessor and all that includes, not to mention the gifts HE freely gives!

4. My Mom-I hope to see in Heaven some day...she past away when I was 18...she helped make me the woman I am today. I love and miss you, Mom.

5. MY Dad- For always being a great dad, that spent time doing stuff with us, a wonderful provider for our family. I love you, Dad. I know we've had some rough times, but you're the best!

6. My sister-all the great memories as kids and now as an adult...we do have some fun times! Even if she gets on my nerves sometimes and vice versa...she truly is and knows the meaning of family when it comes down to it, and knows how to be. I love you, BH

7. My brother, C-for all his helps me to deal with the real world...I love you, bro!

8. My Brother, D- a great sense of humor probably for starters-you always put a smile on my face! I love you, DH.

9. My sweet, loving, husband-I am nothing without you....I wouldn't be a Christian without you, a wife, or a mom. We've had some hard times, but I feel like they've only made us stronger. You are a wonderful provider, a beautiful example of GOD's unconditional love and grace, a giver, a great dad, a great sense of warped humor...the list goes on and on...I love you, Him!!!

10. My oldest dd, Doodlebugs-always there to lend a helping hand, a hug, a piece of chocolate. You are a wonderful example of GOD's love. I'm so impressed by and proud of your love, kindness and grace. Always willing to pray for anybody anywhere and not ashamed to do so! I love you, sweetie!

11. MY dear sweet son, Joe Bug-becoming a fine young gentleman! I'm so proud of you! Your hugs, your mannerisms, offering to help, and your sense of are becoming more like your daddy everyday! LOL! I love you, bug!

12. MY Baby girl, sweet Bella Rose-your hugs, the way you'll play with my hair, your compassion for people and animals, always there to lend a helping're kind, loving, are growing into such a lovely young lady. I love you, Belle!

13. My step mom, A-loving us like your own...being a grandma to my kids, and loving my daddy. I love you and thank you!

14. My sil, L-YOU are one incredible woman! You married my bro-nuf said! I love you, L!

15. MY inlaws-without you my dh wouldn't be here. Thank you...because of your actions you have made him into a man of strength, courage, and love . He has become a better person because of the barriers and obstacles you all put in his path-so thank you!

16. Pastor Hallam and ALCC-you're our spiritual daddy, family, and home. We wouldn't be the HS-filled Christians we are today without your teaching, love, and faith! We love you all! Thank you for your faithfulness to teach the TRUTH!

17. Body of Believers-truly a blessing to have!

18. the Many Pastors and Churches we have been placed under in our travels-a great blessing to know where ever you go there are people in agreement with you!

19. Great Teachings of GOD's WORD through mighty men of GOD -KCM, JDM, JSMI...just to name a very, very few...

20. Bro B and Sis. S- helping us grow in faith, leading us to great ministries like KCM! We love you guys more than you know. Truly an example of GOD's tremendous love and compassion for people. We had some great times back at the old house-didn't we?

100 Things I'm thankful for-Numbers 21-40

21. Bro. C and Sis. M-Unconditional friends that we have great, fun times with! All those late nights of Bible trivia and Bible Charades-lol!!!! member that one with Bro. B picking up his head from sleeping to answer the trivia-roflol! We love you guys!!!

22. J and T- Our friends for over 21 years! Love you guys!!!

23. A nice, warm, comfortable house- May it bless others and may we be a blessing as people of hospitality.

24. Electricity-do I really need to give an explanation???

25. Running water-again a no brainer...

26. Modern appliances-my handmaidens

27. Newer, running vehicles-dh doesn't have to be repairing and fixing all the time anymore.

28. My dh's job-through which GOD has abundantly provided

29. Tithing- because of our obedience, through which GOD has abundantly supplied

30. My Computer-a source of information and entertainment

31. The tv-another source for information and entertainment

32. The radio-yet another source for information and entertainment and beautiful music

33. Music-oh how I love it!

34. Books-again another source for information and entertainment!!!

35. Maps-got my love from my dad, a navigator in the Air Force. Also a source of information and yet entertainment...I could spend hours looking at a map

36. Cook Books and Recipes-something else I could spend hours looking at, getting ideas, and creating.

37. Food-it's sustaining power

38. GOOD food-it's tastes and smells

39. The ability to read-to read GOD's WORD and all the other incredible finds out there.

40. Sight-to see all the beautiful things GOD's created

100 things I'm thankful for-Numbers 41-60

41. Fresh drinking Water-bottled, tap, pure, mountain etc.

42. Cleaning products-makes my jobs around the house so much easier.

43. Garbage pickup-can you even image live without it?

44. Modern plumbing-DOO you need an explanation??? LOL

45. Makeup-cuz even the old barn needs a little paint sometimes. :P (esp. mascara)

46. Toothbrushes and Toothpaste-nothing like a fresh, minty mouth! AND nothing like a not so fresh minty mouth-gag :P LOL!

47. Cell phones-because of long drives in the middle of no where and so every time we travel we don't have to buy a phone card, service or use a pay phone.

48. Sense of Smell-for things like fresh baked cookies, the smell of rain, a fresh mowed lawn, etc, etc, etc...

49. My hearing-to hear my beautiful family and friends voices, music, tv and other wonderful sounds

50. Sense of Touch

51. My curly hair-even if it's taken me years to like's helped me grow character when I got teased from it, and besides GOD made me that way, so why shouldn't I like it?

52. PJ's-a wonderful invention to sit and play on the computer in, to sleep in, to watch tv or cuddle up with a book in.

53. Furniture-especially a nice warm bed or a comfy chair

54. Our Experiences living in a tent for the summer in MA-I wouldn't trade that summer for anything!

55. The people we met at Canoe River Campground-L and family helping us move the tent, N and D and your friendship still...I look forward to seeing you guys again someday! R&R wish I knew where they were.

56. Gateway Motor Inn- at least we had a roof over our heads, a place to make a meal and a warm bed, but best the laughs!

57. The year living in an RV-another experience I wouldn't trade for anything!

58. The great people we met rving-some of the dearest nicest people-you know who you are...if I met you while living in the rv your them!

59.Travels-not only experiencing it myself, but with my family. The many beautiful and wonderful places GOD's created. I'm so blessed by this! I can say I've been to 49 out of 50 states and Canada and Mexico!

60. Clocks and Calendars-without them I'd probably never know what's going on or when or where...

I'll finish up my list later...I've got stuff to take care of around here. Also note I changed the times I posted so they would go in number order. ;)

100 things I'm thankful for-Numbers 61-80

61. Our Military, past, present and future-Thank you for your willingness to give up your todays for our tomorrows. "Greater love has no man, than a man lays down his life for a friend"John 15:13.

62. A Free Nation-no where else like the USA!!!!

63 .Freedom to worship GOD still-who knows how long this will still be?

64. Freedom to home school my sweet babes-in a great home school friendly state, too!

65.The GREAT State of TEXAS-it truly is a STATE of MIND! Where else can you see coast, plains, mountains an all the other great things we have? Not to mention everything is BIGGER in Texas!!! (really you have to live or have lived in TX to get it...and not for a short time a long time)

66. Gasoline-it's still cheaper than most things for the gallon...

67. Hair products-hey they keep my hair tamed, soft, and smooth...not to mention straight!!! It's my list... :P

68. Chocolate-do you REALLY need an explanation? This I'm sure is on almost every one's list, except my friend TS and my sis...

69. The Weather-all kinds

70. Farmers-thank you for fulfilling your call, without you I'd have to grow food and raise no thank YOU!!!!

71. Pioneers, Pilgrims, Explorers, Inventors-Thank you for paving the way for what we have today and the future

72. The Grocery Store and Department Stores-again that whole thing like the farmer...without you dinner wouldn't happen, and likely my kids would wear rags. ;P

73. Factory workers-hey we wouldn't have a lot of things without their labors

74. Snow sledding with my kids in WA- a memory I'll always cherish and I hope they will too.

75. Hot Chocolate-because of #74 for one thing!

76. Winning a trip to Disneyland-it's true, I won a trip to Disney when my oldest was a baby through the show, "Win, Lose, or Draw" An incredible blessing at the time. We really needed a vacation!

77. Learning how to type-even if the football players in my high school typing class could type faster than's come in very handy over these past several years since the Internet has been invented!

78. Emotions!-anyone that knows me knows I'm emotional! (not always a good thing, but other times it can be)

79. Socks and shoes-especially on a cold or rainy day

80. A pencil sharpener-it's makes it so much easier to use a pencil than sharpening with a knife.

100 things I'm thankful for-Numbers 81-100

81. Speaking of a knife...Silverware-eating would not be as pleasurable.

82. Home cooked food-after eating in restaurants for over a week...

83. Hotels-especially the Hampton Inn...LOL!

84. A Good Movie or a Good book

85. All the Schools I went to as a kid-it helped me to learn flexability and diversity.

86. 1986-the year dh and I got married

87. 1987-the year my dd was born

88. All the houses I lived in as a kid-It helped me to learn how to be content where you're at.

89. Prepackaged food-when you don't feel like cooking

90. The Great Outdoors-GOD's beauty...trees, grass, terrain...all kinds of things, flowers, etc, etc, etc,

91. The sound of birds singing-nature's music

92. The sound of rain on a tent canvas-puts me to sleep

93. A summer without TV-while in the tent

94. A hammack in a cool breeze-a great nap

95.The smell of the ocean salt water

96. 1996-the year my son was born

97. 1997-the year my other dd was born

98. the Weekend-we get to be together as a family

99. Sunday morning Praise and Worship-worshipping in one accord, in SPIRIT and in TRUTH


100 things I'm thankful for Numbers 101+

101. My New RV-we can be together as a family! Yea!!!

102. My dh's boat-just seeing the joy on his face when he got it is worth it!

103. Cameras-to capture all those great family and friend moments, and GOD's beautiful craftmanship

104. Seeing my dd after two months this summer-the longest two months of my life or so it seemed!

105. Seeing my dh after he's been gone

106. Hearing my dh's voice when I'm in a crisis-it's so comforting

107. Seeing the joy on someone's face after blessing them-it speaks louder than words

108. My Hands and Feet

109. My health and the health of my family

110. The ability to walk-because I think we forget how valued that is

111. Missionaries-taking up the call...going where I can't.

112. The Pineapple Story-it taught me how to yeild all things to GOD

113. The two years my dh did without a job-it taught me how to rely and trust in GOD for everything.

114. The hard times-not just without a job, but the other things help to grow in Christ.

115. Being Crucified by Christians-has helped me to remember we don't put our trust in people, but GOD. People will let you down, they are human.

116. Not getting everything I want-again the whole learning to trust GOD.

117. My old Homeschool group-my kids have made great friends and so have I.

118. My GOOFY friend, Ms.R...even though we've never met in person, I love you, dearly my friend! We have had lots of good laughs over the phone-haven't we?

119. My Friend, Ms. C~ (and her family)-they take care of my dog when we are gone and were my first friends in my town. We have some pretty comical moments-don't we? Love ya, girl!

120.KSBJ-Paved the way for great Christian radio

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Prayer request

Would you all take a minute and pray for these things? My friend, Patti's mom had a stroke. Please pray for her and strength for Patti. Also, will you pray that the rv place will refund some money they took from us, that they weren't suppose to, quickly. Thanks!

PAYBACK...Bind us together...

Maybe you saw this...How 'bout you? Could you afford to bless someone today? Even if it's a small thing? How about can you affford not to? "it is more blessed to give than to receive"Acts 20:35 Starbucks blessings

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


HI all-
I do not know these people...somehow my step mom, A, has some kind of connection to them...maybe via internet...I'm not really sure. But regardless, please pray for them.

Thanks and blessings!

A New Addition to the Family...

Kinda a birthday gift to myself and the family!!!! YEA!!! We lost our other rv in an accident (caused by another person) a couple of years ago. We'll save at least a third to a half of what we've been paying out on hotel costs and we'll be living together as a family again!!! YEA!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Today's my 43rd BIRTHDAY!!!!!

And why is this such a BIG deal? Because All this past year I've been telling everyone I was 43 when in fact I was only 42! So I've been preparing all year to turn 44 (the age my mom was when she past away). So now that I'm 43 can I say I'm 42, since I skipped this whole year of saying I was? LOL

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Sing-Along

My pick for today's Sing-Along is "In YOUR Presence", by Paul Wilbur. I came across Paul Wilbur ministries when he came to our home church to record "Holy Fire". It was one of the most powerful worship experiences I've ever had. It was AWESOME...because the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT could be felt so strongly! This song however was recorded live in Jerusalem. This is from "Shalom Jersalem".

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I DID NOT change my template to Santa. This morning I had my nice snowy background...this afternoon I log on and I see Santa...I don't know what's going on, maybe something with Pyzam...nevertheless...if it is them and they don't change back to my pretty winter scene, I will be changing it. Not that I have a problem with Santa...other than we don't do Santa, we do JESUS for Christmas. I'm sorry if this template offends anyone, it wasn't intentional.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Yes, this is my all time favorite Christian song. My dh played this cassette tape the first night we went out. (I wasn't even a Christian then)

The Imperials

One of my ALL time favorite Imperial's song!!!! I remember driving with my windows down in my Cutlass jammin' out to this song. One time I was at a light and I had it so loud these guys in a truck next to me smiled and asked me if that was The Imperial's "Let the Wind Blow?" I'm smiling, "YEP, I replied" They screamed back, "We love them!" Again please don't forget to turn down my playlist below to hear the video.

Part 4 Getting to know us

After our stay at Gateway Motor Inn...(we became great friends with the gal that cleaned our room and the owner's sister who worked the front desk...I'll never forget the message the machine had when calling that place...Thank you for calling Gateway Motor Inn, If you know your party's extension you may dial it at anytime if you need help please dial the a very deep MA accent)

oh...getting back to the story...after staying at Gateway Motor Inn we headed back to Texas...but on the way we decided to do a little vacationing. It took us a little bit longer to get home to Texas, and by the time we got home, my dh was getting calls to go back up to MA, but this time to the Boston area. We thought that when we got to Boston it would be MUCH easier to find housing...what did we know? We're from we head back up that oldest dd had to celebrate her 13th birthday on the road...(I remember that clearly...we were in MS at a rest stop...we had bought a little cake at Walmart...we didn't have a whole lot of money so she didn't even get a present-poor baby)We got up to Boston on a rainy, Sunday were about $100 a night in the cheap hotels...we couldn't afford that! We drove back almost 2 hours to RI and guess where we stayed? Gateway Motor Inn!!! Never thought we'd go back there...but there we were again. We didn't get to bed until about 3 am and dh had to get up in about 2 hours and drive back to Boston to start his job...

While we were home we got this great idea to spend our weekends going camping, so we brought our tent and some of our camping equipment back with us...well we didn't know everyone under the sun in the Northeast camps on the weekends in the summer. We had no idea...what did we know? We're from TX!!!So...dh went to work and I packed up the kids and myself and thought I would head out to find a hotel/motel, housing closer to dh's job...guess what? Housing was even harder to find in the Boston area than in the Providence, RI I called dh and told him I couldn't find anything...well somehow we came to the conclusion (I really don't remember who's idea it was) to stay in the tent at a campground for a few nights until we could find a place to live...While dh was setting up the tent, I went to the restroom. While I was there I checked out the shower facilities...I noticed you had to pay to take a shower. I went back and told dh we needed to pay for a shower. Dh said, "When I go over to the restroom I'll check it out." He came back and said, " No, the showers work without paying."

We slept in the tent after doing all the setting up...air mattresses, etc...dh got up in the morning and headed off to the shower and then to work. I went back to sleep and go up a couple hours later. I thought I'd go take a shower. I gathered all my stuff...ya towel, clothes, shampoo, up to the showers. Neatly put my stuff in the changing area, got undressed, turned the water on and waited for the water to get hot...and waited...and waited...and waited...for the water to get hot...but to no dressed again, gathered my stuff, walked back over to the tent, found my cell phone and called my dh. "Honey, did you take a shower this morning?" Dh replied, "Yes". "Did you take a HOT shower this morning?" dh..."No, you have to pay for hot water."Pay for hot water...6 minutes $.25 and additional 2 minutes $.10...Boy did I learn how to shower quick! and lil dd was 3...she showered with me. I learned how to get us both done in 6 minutes! Stay tuned...part 5...the day is what you make of it...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

BFS #11

The assignment this week is to visit your classmates blogs and leave them a comment to let them know that you are praying for them. There are over 200 classmates that have signed up now!
As many of you know I'm praying for my friend Mary...that's my prayer request...I'm asking for a miracle. If you don't know or would like to read more you may click HERE. Thank you all for your faithfulness. Also, I have a personal, unspoken prayer request. Thanks again!
I thought this would be a great video to put along with this assignment. I really like both videos...same song...just differnet versions (the kids are so precious)As always, please don't forget to turn off my playlist below so you can hear the videos.
***UPDATE***12:10 am Tonight I went over to HSC and read an update from Mary's dad and one from her aunt. Here they both are...
Re: How is our dear sweet Mary today? Anyone know?My sister Mary (Mary's aunt) called to say the things are about the same. Mary is alert and understands questions, with nodded answers. She had 5 hours of Dialysis this morning.Mary's younger brother and his wife (of 2 years) visited last night. Mary did not recognize Lisa at first, but finally nodded and smiled.Sue and I will visit tomorrow about 5PMJohn (Mary's father)
Update on Mary, 6 pm Calif timeI've been with Mary in the hospital since Monday at 10 am. It's been a joy to be with her. I've shared my Ipod music through a speaker pillow, including lots of different kinds of music, even Christmas music.The current protocol is continuing every measure including dialysis and antibiotics. Her blood count has been stable so she has not needed a transfusion. Everything seems to be steady right now, fever is very low and not concerning, rash is a little better, wounds are stable. Potassium is normal which is a protection to her heart.Even though they tried a half-way wean from the ventilator last Saturday and a few times before that, they have decided she is not a candidate for weaning, she is not strong enough.I think her mental status is holding steady. I told her I was hoping she could learn to talk again, and encourage her to move her mouth. I told her I could imagine her giving her children and her husband a blessing with a simple prayer or more.I think, just my amateur opinion, that Mary has a lot of reserves and stamina yet, as well as a terrific will to live, and with the help of all the supports she is getting, if she holds steady or the decline is slow and gentle, she could be with us for a few weeks yet. Of course we will hope for a miracle up to the very last minute before her takeoff. But we want a gentle takeoff, with lots of good closure and blessing. and all God's purposes for these days fulfilled first.I told Mary I believe God is giving her more time with us, and that God is going to do more good things in the midst of her suffering. She understood. But it has been difficult because we have to be on 2 tracks at the same time, ready for a miracle AND ready to help her over the River Jordan.So today it helped me, and I think it will help all of us, to start looking forward to Christmas with her. She responded when I told her there were 20 days til Christmas and we'd have a big party in her room, and I made a Christmas list for her of what she might want, and she liked it. I teased her that she wouldn't have to shop this year! I put up some Christmas phrases like "God bless us everyone!" on the walls and made a snowflake, but others are going to bring Christmas decorations for her room.Some nurses came in today and moved her limbs a little, which was a bit painful for her but gave her something to work on and hope for, regaining some muscle control. One of them was a little crass, and after they left, Mary was able to communicate to me her reaction to that comment, and I stood with her in understanding and rejecting it. :)Mary also teased me with good humor after I couldn't get her to say yes to any kind of music she might want. So I gave up and said, "I'll just put on Christmas music for a little while and you can decide later." With a mischevious look in her eye, she started nodding yes and then no and then yes and then no, and I said, "Are you teasing me?" She she nodded yes!When a friend came in and prayed with her, we called her a Proverbs 31 woman, so I played Chonda Pierce's version of "I'm a Woman!" Mary smiled and smiled.I'll try to write another update after I'm with her tomorrow and Friday, from home Friday night.Meanwhile, keep praying for Mary to have good days, as many as God will give her.Aunt Mary :)
me- 12:18 am TX time...Thank You all for faithfully praying. I ask that you would continue!!! Thank YOU JESUS!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Part 3 Getting to know us

In Seekonk, MA we lived at Gateway Motor Inn motel for 3 months...I did dishes in the sink of the bathroom. I cooked out of an electric roaster oven. I was so glad when that was over. I learned how to cook almost anything in that thing...and couldn't wait to get rid of it! My oldest was 12, son was 4, and little one was we spent a LOT of time at the library and the laundromat. The librarian was/is wonderful! Her name is Miss M. E. and she was so kind and loving to me and the kids. She looked forward to our daily visits. I was always worried we'd drive her crazy but if we did, she never let on. As a matter of fact we still keep in touch on and off and she said in a recent email how much she misses us and how our family was great.

The ladies that ran the laundromat were equally as nice, and always said I should write a book. I guess will probably as close as I ever come. Funny I don't remember much about our stay at the motel...except this...not really funny....more like disgusting...I had made sloppy joes for dinner in the electric roaster. The kids were on a blanket on the floor eating. My dh all of a sudden says to the kids to get up on the beds...I'm like...duh...what's going on?What's the matter? I think I just saw a mouse. EEEEEEEEEEEEECCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!
I am deathly afraid of mice...How disgusting and gross!!! we immediately went to the front desk and got another room for the night...and frantically looked for a place to live. We looked and looked...mind you we were paying $1000 a month for this dumpy motel...and housing is very difficult to find up least it was back then...we one time tried to get this small house (more like a bungalow) It was over $1000 a month, smaller than my living room. We didn't get it and had to stay at the motel for the duration of our stay.

Part 1 & 2 Getting to know us (from old blog)

I copied this from my old blog so I'll have it here. Thought for those of you that don't know us might enjoy some history...

To understand why we are the way we are and where we are at, it might help if I give a little history...

I was born in dad was in the Air Force...we lived numerous places when I was a kid...after my dad left the Air Force he still was part of the Air National Guard. I lived in MA, CA, WA (where all my siblings were born), NY, IL, TX...lived most the time in several different cities or towns in each of these states...

Then I married my husband and we lived in an apartment for 2 years before buying our first house...we owned that house for 12 years, but the last 2 years we lived on the road in various places due to my dh's job...MA, RI, which we lived in various and STRANGE housing arrangements...after we sold our house we lived in WA, AZ, bought a new house in TX, and then went to AK...but in the next few days I'll share all of these adventures...

Where did I leave off? Hmmm....
When my youngest was about 2 my husband started taking jobs anywhere in the US to put food on the table...he ended up in RI. The kids and I stayed behind. My oldest was going to a private school at the time. We decided to pull her out for an extended vacation to go visit dad. I drove to RI with kids by interesting trip. We had stopped to visit a cousin outside of New Orleans...the next morning we got back on the road. We got outside of Slidell. It was so foggy that morning...and then lights were coming on in my make a long story short...the tranmission went out in my van....sad...very sad...because we had just went through the trouble of having it rebuilt. Needless to say, apparently the guy we paid to do it didn't know what he was doing. We ended up staying with our cousins for a few more nights while the transmission was being rebuilt again! Praise the LORD we were still near someone we knew and not out in the boonies...
I thank GOD for HIS provision of protection over me and my 3 kids!!!

We finally were back on the road...
the rest of the trip was uneventful. But when we got to RI...that's when the fun begins/began...

My husband (from here on out, aka dh) was staying in MA...a small town called a quaint (well it looked quaint from the outside) motel called, Gateway Motor Inn...the place was old...

more later...

Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm just here for the food...

So now I feel like one of the step sisters in "Ever After". Tonight was our annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony for our small community. It's starts at 6:30...I tell the kids we are leaving early because I want to get dinner there...Hey they're passing out BBQ sandwiches, hotdogs, hot chocolate and cupcakes and's why not???

We get there...they changed the location this year. In the past it's been in front of the city hall and the elementary school and there is this main road they block off . Usually they have little stands set up on the road with all those goodies. This year it got moved to the Clubhouse. The facility on the inside I think is bigger than the elementary school cafeteria (in case it rained we'd go in there). Anyhow we got there at was already packed!!! Fortunately we were able to get our dinner. When we got over to the cupcake stand there were two very nice women from the title company serving. Somehow it was mentioned we were there for the food-LOL! At least they agreed...said something like that's why they brought there kids out too! :) Well I'm glad I wasn't the only one!

On the way home I remembered that's the line one of the step sisters life is like the movies...ROFLOL!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Because sometimes you need a good laugh...

Okay, by far one of my very favorite commercial songs...

***Please don't forget to scroll down & pause the music player so you'll be able to hear the video.

My Friend, daredhead, hosts a Sunday sing-along. I don't know if I'll participate every week, but this week I would like to partcipate in honor of my friend, Mary. I chose "I am Free" by the Newsboys...because whether Mary stays here or chooses to be with the LORD she is indeed FREE!!! (Can I get a BIG Amen????)
***Please don't forget to scroll down & pause the music player so you'll be able to hear the video.


Please pray for Mary...this is from a post from Mary's good friend, Martha, also a homeschool mom, and she lost her dh a few years ago...(if you would like to read the original it is...Mary)

The news is not good. Mary has reached the point where the doctors say that there is nothing further they can do. Mary has fought the good fight, but the damage done to her body during her long illness is too much to be restored or repaired. The Lord has chosen to heal Mary perfectly in His presence rather than ours.
Monday she will be placed on "comfort" care. In other words, the incredible efforts that the doctors have made to keep her going each day will be discontinued. Mary will be kept comfortable as long as the Lord chooses to keep her here.
Many of Mary's friends and her family will be visiting her to say good-bye tomorrow.
I'm reminded of when Mary's MIL, Moreene, departed last spring. Mary took great comfort in a comment my husband made in his journal not long before he left this life -- that we would not be apart for long. 2 Peter 3:8 "But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." We shall all meet again soon, and what a joyful reunion it will be!
Later, we will celebrate Mary's life, but for now, please pray for a gentle passing for Mary. Pray for her friends and family to feel the peace and comfort that only the Lord can offer at such a time as this.

For my friends that don't know me...I'm an optimist...yes, I am one that sees the glass half full...I also believe in GOD's promises...I believe GOD can heal Mary. Why? For several reasons...

Hebrews 13:8 (King James Version)

8Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever

GOD's ways are not our ways...we can not look at the natural, we must trust in the supernatural healing power of GOD. Why? Because that is what FAITH is...
Hebrews 11:1Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

Besides HIS WORD says
Isaiah 53:5 (King James Version)
5But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

1 Peter 2:24Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed

So what about if it's not GOD's will? Some of you ask...I believe it is GOD's will for her or anyone else to be healed. Why? Because according to
Matthew 6:9-13
9After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
10Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
11Give us this day our daily bread.
12And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
13And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

The WORD says thy kingdom come thy wil be done in earth as it is in Heaven...that means that GOD's will is the same on earth as in there sickness or disease in Heaven? um-NO!

So for all of you that have faith that can raise the dead, I ask that you would continue to believe in GOD's supernatural healing of Mary's body. Thank you!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Well this is annoying...I'm suppose to have photos in my snowglobe...but for some reason it's not working...I'm tired and will try again later. It's fun to look at anyhow! :)

Breaking Tradition...

Yes, this year we actually broke a tradition I have done all my life...(well to the best of my knowledge, memory...whatever...) We actually put up the Christams tree before my birthday. My mom always put it up after my birthday, so my family could celebrate my birthday instead of it being overlooked/overshadowed by Christmas...she knew what that was like cuz her birthday was the 29th of Dec.
Why??? you ask...because I know how much it meant to my lil dd...she was so excited...
Dh bought us a new tree this is fuller than any of the other artificial trees we've had in the past. He always says when I put up the tree it looks layered...yeah, whatever...and when he puts it up it doesn't look like that...yeah, right...(it's the tree, not me) We even got a new star and some new ornaments...I wish we would have bought them the day after Christmas...I wonder if I can take my receipt in then???

Blessed Travels...

Today I thought I would share some of the many places our family has had as a field trip (LOL-part of the whole homeschooling experience) over the past several years. These opportunities have been due to my dh's job. Dh is a piping designer and often takes contract jobs out of state.
Some of the places we have been able to see are:
Plymouth Rock
Newport, RI (where all the rich and famous of early 1900's people like Rockefeller had 'summer homes'-whoopie doo-LOL)
Niagra Falls (actually when I was a kid we lived in Buffalo. Also my younger two weren't born when we saw only my oldest)
Disney World (does this count? LOL)
Disneyland (how about this one? These were actually both family vacations)
The Grand Canyon
Mt. Rushmore
Yellowstone National Park
The lonely Alaskian Highway all the way from Alaska to Canada (and then finished by driving to Texas)
Washington D.C. (again only my oldest)
Carlsbad Caverns
Seattle from the top of the Space Needle
Space Center Houston
Pikes Peak (again just my oldest)
Hoover Dam (before 9-11...from my understanding some of the tourist sections have been closed since 9-11)
Little Big Horn
Redwood Forest

I think these are the major points we've hit. There are many not as significant places we've been too...but they're so numerous I couldn't even begin to list them all!

I feel honored and blessed to have been able to travel to so many beautiful places GOD created.
Thank YOU LORD for the many safe travels!!!


New Friends...

Isn't it a blessing when you meet like minded believers? I got the oppportunity to come across Susan's blog today, from my friend Jenileigh. Jenileigh and I both know each other from HSC.

Speaking of HSC, please continue to pray for Mary. Mary is a homeschool mom and the owner of HSC. You can read more over on my old blog...