Thursday, December 13, 2007

100 things I'm thankful for Numbers 101+

101. My New RV-we can be together as a family! Yea!!!

102. My dh's boat-just seeing the joy on his face when he got it is worth it!

103. Cameras-to capture all those great family and friend moments, and GOD's beautiful craftmanship

104. Seeing my dd after two months this summer-the longest two months of my life or so it seemed!

105. Seeing my dh after he's been gone

106. Hearing my dh's voice when I'm in a crisis-it's so comforting

107. Seeing the joy on someone's face after blessing them-it speaks louder than words

108. My Hands and Feet

109. My health and the health of my family

110. The ability to walk-because I think we forget how valued that is

111. Missionaries-taking up the call...going where I can't.

112. The Pineapple Story-it taught me how to yeild all things to GOD

113. The two years my dh did without a job-it taught me how to rely and trust in GOD for everything.

114. The hard times-not just without a job, but the other things help to grow in Christ.

115. Being Crucified by Christians-has helped me to remember we don't put our trust in people, but GOD. People will let you down, they are human.

116. Not getting everything I want-again the whole learning to trust GOD.

117. My old Homeschool group-my kids have made great friends and so have I.

118. My GOOFY friend, Ms.R...even though we've never met in person, I love you, dearly my friend! We have had lots of good laughs over the phone-haven't we?

119. My Friend, Ms. C~ (and her family)-they take care of my dog when we are gone and were my first friends in my town. We have some pretty comical moments-don't we? Love ya, girl!

120.KSBJ-Paved the way for great Christian radio


Anonymous said...

OK, I read them all! Cool list!

Be blessed!

Ange said...

Good job! I read them all and they're making me think of even more things to be thankful for. Thanks for reminding me of those!