Sunday, December 30, 2007

Free Speech

There's a monitor (or monitors) over at my favorite board (or was my favorite board) that continues to delete my posts....I think it's because she thinks they hurt someone's feelings. I pray and post GOD's leading...most of the time. I wait and carefully choose my words. When I have posted something inappropriate (when I didn't pray or typed in anger) I've asked for forgiveness or deleted my post. I'm really irritated! It makes me sad that I don't have freedom to post there anymore. :(

Jesus didn't wash down his words to be politically should I? I don't think so. Yes, our speech as Christians should be with grace...but sometimes even when it is, people will be offended because they don't agree with you. The board was discussing possible candidates for the upcoming presidential elections. One gal asked if she was the only democrat on the board and she and her dh have their own business and are interested in health care...okay...but what about trusting GOD for everything??? We as Christians are suppose to yield everything to GOD including our health. I made a statement that if the church was doing what it was suppose to and people put there trust in GOD we wouldn't need healthcare...just like other things....welfare, lawyers. etc...We as Christians need to give all areas to GOD and trust HIM for everything. Apparently that didn't go over well and I was least I'm the only one that can delete this!!!


pottermom said...

Oh you have to be kidding! I missed it. I do understand what you are saying about the church doing it's job but to delete your comments about that? Gah! I have joined in the weight loss challenge on the weightloss board but have found my posting on the other boards is just not happening. I am just fading away. (maybe the weight will fade away with me... lol) Well we can keep up with each other on our own very opinionated blogs eh? lol (rabble rousers... I tell you, we are trouble!)

Anonymous said...

OOh! I love the fireworks!

Pearls before swine baby.

If they are deleting your posts, then it may be time to shake the dust off.

I'm sorry you put time into finding Magnum while we were gone. Thank you. He got out of a hole that is literally about 2 inches tall. Every thing else was alive and well :) Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

There you go again! Being opinionated! Go girl!!

Love, Terri Sue

Anonymous said...
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