Thursday, December 27, 2007

Battle for the Brakes...

We've had some problems with connecting the RV to the truck. As soon as we picked up the rv and started down the road we started having problems...the brakes on the rv weren't working. At first dh thought it was the truck computer needed to be reset...$90...brakes on RV still not working...urgh!!! Dh goes through his end of the wiring...doesn't look like it's on our end...we drive to the dealership yesterday to let them look at RV...they find a burned out wire on RV...still does not solve the problem...the dealership thinks it's the brake box in the truck we drive the RV home. On the way we stop at the Sports Supercenter Cabelas...get a new brake box. Dh hooks it up...still no brakes on the RV...we drive home very frustrated!!! DH misses work to figure it out. He rewires everything on our end...still NO Brakes on RV....UGH!!! We go back down to the dealership (an hour and half away...) on the way dh thinks th brake box is not getting a connection because of something on one of the tire brakes from RV itself. He tells guy at dealership, guy checks it out...Houston we have BRAKES!!!! YEAH!!!!! PTL!!!