Thursday, December 13, 2007

100 things I'm thankful for-Numbers 81-100

81. Speaking of a knife...Silverware-eating would not be as pleasurable.

82. Home cooked food-after eating in restaurants for over a week...

83. Hotels-especially the Hampton Inn...LOL!

84. A Good Movie or a Good book

85. All the Schools I went to as a kid-it helped me to learn flexability and diversity.

86. 1986-the year dh and I got married

87. 1987-the year my dd was born

88. All the houses I lived in as a kid-It helped me to learn how to be content where you're at.

89. Prepackaged food-when you don't feel like cooking

90. The Great Outdoors-GOD's beauty...trees, grass, terrain...all kinds of things, flowers, etc, etc, etc,

91. The sound of birds singing-nature's music

92. The sound of rain on a tent canvas-puts me to sleep

93. A summer without TV-while in the tent

94. A hammack in a cool breeze-a great nap

95.The smell of the ocean salt water

96. 1996-the year my son was born

97. 1997-the year my other dd was born

98. the Weekend-we get to be together as a family

99. Sunday morning Praise and Worship-worshipping in one accord, in SPIRIT and in TRUTH