Thursday, July 31, 2008

We went shopping tonight...

This is what we came home with...

Dh really thought we needed to go ahead and get a diesel truck to pull the RV and the boat. Our other truck is a hemi and it really puts a load on it when we pull this is the color...if you want to call silver a color. :P

Thank YOU GOD for YOUR continued blessings and provisions.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wacky Wednesday...

Today the girls and I went to Curves...I wanted to wear my WW cape, but Belle said she would be embarassed. BUT...when we went in it was Wacky Wednesday!!! Guess who did her workout in her FABULOUS WW cape???? Doodles wore hers too. We even had our picture taken! :D

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Six Flags story...

While we were on The Mindbender Rollercoaster....
Kasie, April's dd, was in the seat in front of me and Doodles...
The ride goes up to the top of this really high point, then stops. Kasie, is pointing her index finger, yelling...
"Oh no you don't you stupid rollercoaster! Oh no you don't!!!! You don't stop! You don't do us like that! You go! You go, you stupid thing! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was laughing so hard that when we dropped I couldn't catch my breath. It was hysterical!!! My chest was hurting when I got off!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I love my WW cape

A couple things to recall in regards to this post...

1. My friend, Pam, from the Lounge, called me Wonder here if you missed it.

2. I went to Six Flags this weekend with my friend, April and daughters.

We did indeed go to Six Flags this weekend. Our 4+ star Hampton Inn stunk(I got the night free, and hopefully will get my Amex reward points back on the other room)...the Ryan's we ate at was nasty...but our trip to Six Flags was a BLAST!!!!
Yesterday, April and her girls, Katie, Kasie, and Kalie, along with my family went to Six Flags in Atlanta. Yesterday afternoon while waiting for everyone to get done with a ride, Belle, Kalie, April, and I were in a gift shop, where the girls got Supergirl Capes...but they didn't have any Wonder Woman Capes. :(
After the ride, DS wanted a Batman cape...
Then while we were on our way to the train, there it was!!! My Wonderwoman cape!!!! I ran up to the stand...oh but you had to win the cape...I asked is it sold in any of the shops? I don't recall what the girl said, but she did say I could win it by playing the game and everyone wins!!! Oh I was sold!!! How much for the game???? The same as the capes in the shop!!!!!! $5!!!!! YES!!! I want one!!!! sign me up!!! So everyone that didn't have a cape played...everyone except dh...
Katie and Kasie got Batgirl Capes, Doodles, April, and I got a WW capes!!! I finally had my WW cape!!! I was estatic!!! But dh...he didn't have a I told dh to tell his Superman story...he said not right now...I insisted that Doodles go back and win a Superman cape for dh.
With Superman cape in hand and around neck...dh proceeds...(mind you dh was like 3-4 years old)
"When I was a kid, my mom made me a Superman cape. I went to the top of the roof to try it out. I jumped with cape around my neck. I fell on my belly. I went back up and tried again. I jumped and fell on my belly again! I took the cape to my mom and said, 'I don't want this, throw it away, the stupid thing doesn't work!'" ROFLOL!!!
When we were leaving we all were wearing our super hero capes...but only after a number of pics had been taken. By the time we got to the car though only Kalie, Belle, and I had our capes on. When we stopped at Applebees for dinner...we had them still on...we went through the establishment to wash our sweaty super hero hands while everyone stared at us/me? When coming out, we were stopped at a man sitting at the bar. The man said, "Pardon me ma'am, no disrespect, but what's up with the capes?" I replied, "We were at Six Flags today!" "Oh! They were at Six Flags today!" as he let everyone know...because I wasn't quite loud enough-NOT! LOL
On the way home, we stopped at a truck stop, with several cop cars in front...
April needed a diet was late...we were all tired...everyone in my van was sleeping, except ds. Everyone in April's car was sleeping except her and dd, Kasie. I ran out in front of their jeep and swished my super wonder woman cape in front of me roaring laughing! Of course Kasie, April, and I were cracking up...then I really started roaring...all I could think of was a cop coming out asking me for a breathalyzer !!! ROFLOL!!! It was too funny...thinking, "Excuse me ma'am...what are you on?" and my response would have been..."high on life, love the LORD, lack of sleep, cracking myself up!!!"
I love my Wonder Woman Cape!!! I almost wore it to bed!!! :D

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Sing-Along

Friday, July 25, 2008

And the awards for best laughs go to...

If you really want some good laughs, please go check out my friend, Pottermom's blog and my friend, Marky's blog. Pottermom keeps up with the Obama campaign and Marky's post is about work policies. These are both hysterical posts, IMHO.

Blessings until next time...I'm going to Six Flags, Atlanta for a good time, for the weekend with my family and new friend, April and her family!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Yay! I got my new keyboard yesterday and dh installed it last night. My keyboard is no longer nakie, missing the H or J.

Yuck! I got PMS. I hate PMS. I've come to the conclusion women get PMS and everyone in the family has to deal with it so they all can suffer for the fall. :P
Here's a few reasons why I hate it:

  • My dd has it at the same time I have it...can you say CAT FIGHT?
  • My kids seem to be annoying at the same time.
  • The whole world seems to act stupid.
  • My dh acts like he has PMS-which is the worst of all the reasons!!!

Yuck! Today while driving down the road a big ole nasty field mouse or rat crossed right in front of me. Blech-nasty thing!!!

Okay, I'm done griping. Thank you for being my sounding board.

Blessings until next time!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That's the best $3000 investment we've ever made!!!

That's what dh came home saying yesterday as he walked up. He had been on the phone with the guy that fixed the boat engine. DH went to highschool with the guy and has known him most of his life. Not to mention that he's rebuilt several engines for us over the years. From my understnding the guy's wife has been struggling with alcohol and I'm not sure if this guy is a Christian or not. Dh I guess called him to see how he was doing (he was going through a lot the past couple months when we were getting the engine fixed) and also to talk about the engine, I'm guessing.

When dh got out of his truck, he was beaming! He said that's the best $3000 investment we've ever made. He shared with Baker about our home church and how GOD could set his wife free and heal and deliver her, along with some other stuff and told him to check it out. I kinda understood, but then today it really sunk in...and I started thinking...

How much money will people give up to know that one soul might be saved? I thought how many times do we complain that we don't have enough money? How many times do we think we lack? Yet, we've not made an investment for souls into the kingdom of GOD. We just throw money into the offering or tithe but never really invest it?

Over the years, I think dh and I have learned that an investment in souls is more than an offering or a tithe at church...I think that's one reason why GOD has continued to prosper us. We are willing to give when we see a need...I'm not talking about just money/a financial investment, I'm talking about taking time to really care about people. Yeah, we had to pay almost double for the engine because it wasn't in as good as shape as we thought, but we got an engine that will last as long as we have that boat and even longer, but MORE IMPORTANTLY dh took the time to invest in someone's life and that might change two lives (possibly more) forever-for eternity. And that's such a blessing! PTL!!!

Thank you GOD for YOUR abundance in so many ways! Thank YOU for your continued teaching and opportunities YOU put in our paths to bring YOU glory and honor!

H Update and Penguins...

I contacted Dell about my H (and now J too) problem, and they are sending a new keyboard out to me. Yea!!!!!

BTW I forgot to mention that my kids saw March of the Penguins...the sex scene and everything...they didn't know what was going on...that's one of the reasons I found the review so funny!

Do you know how hard this is?

My fairly new laptop...
the space bar and H were sticking...I took them off...I got the space bar back on without any problems...the H doesn't want to go back on. Do you know how hard it is to type without an H on my laptop? ACKKKKKKKKKKK!!!

March of the Penguins...
Sex and Nudity????
My friend and I were talking about going to see another free movie this week. One of the options was March of the Penguins...we cracked up laughing to read this review...
March of the Penguins Review

I guess that might be disturbing to some parents...but with Penguins it's really hard to tell that they are having sex...maybe not so with other animals and I would be worried, but penguins....nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww....
Needless to say, the nudity...well aren't they always naked? LOL :P

Okay that's it for me folks. Don't forget to leave a comment! It makes my day...and besides, I'm working here without an H so it's the least you can do! :P

Blessings until next time!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Drue!!!!

Today's my baby brother's birthday! And since he likes to play this song when it's someone's bday, I thought I would return the favor! Love ya, Duke!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Sing-Along

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Public Education: A Great Investment

ROFLOL!!! Is that not hysterical????

I saw this on a SC license plate today...and then shortly after finishing going off on my soapbox about it, I saw yet another one!!!
Hello, public education-let me know when it goes public...then I might think it is a great investment.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A new adventure???

We might have the opportunity to go to China, all expenses paid, for a year...

This is making me feel very uncomfortable. But I know that if it's meant to be, if GOD wants us to go, then I will have total peace about it. Peace that passes all understanding. I told dh if he thought Alaska was remote, then what did he think China would be like...he said at least his family would be there...well we were there in AK too (well for 2 months) I reminded him he'd be at work...what would the rest of us do...he said," I don't know, teach?" I'm thinking....Oh great idea, Honey....why didn't I think of that...ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! :P

So if you had the opportunity to go, all expenses paid for a year...would you go? Why or Why not?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've made quite the impression again!!!

Yesterday we met a fellow lounge sister for a movie and lunch. Here's the comment she left me afterwards...

Hey! Kalie and I had a wonderful time today! She said ... (in her almost 8 year old wisdom), "Mom, I liked your new friends. Did you know she was crazy like you before you met her?" I replied "No, but aren't we lucky she is." LOL! I had such a GREAT time. We need to plan a Zoo trip ... Greenville and Columbia. We could also spend the afternoon at Jones Gap State Park? Let me know ....

ROFLOL!!! Anyone that knows me knows this is pretty accurate. I am crazy!!! (I see you shaking your heads, Ms. C, Ms. TS, Ms. M-aka Granny Goofpear, and Ms. L)

We did have a wonderful time and we really enjoyed meeting new friends and can't wait to do something with them again!

Blessings until next time!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's almost time...

Yep, It's almost that time of the year for me to begin my Christmas shopping! There's only 162 days until Christmas! There's lots of great clerance sales going on right now too! I challenge you to start early and save, save, save!!!

It's freezing in the RV this morning...the air is set on 66*'s been dropping down to some cooler temps (than what we're use to) and so the air won't kick on, so then we set it to next to freezing in here.

I'm tired...dh got up to go to work and I stayed up instead of going back to sleep...that will probably be a mistake for later in the movie theater...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! LOL :P

Tonight we have tickets to a baseball game. I guess it is a AA or A team for the RedSox here in the lovely Greenville area. Dh got them through work...I think it's some family night thing for the company he's currently working for.

In other news...
Well I don't have anything else...
What do you people want from me? I give you all that I have, my best. LOL...
(again get more goofy when I'm tired)

and hey!!! all you people that are reading my blog, would you mind leaving a comment...I know you're out there...I've got a map!

Blessings until next time...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meeting new people and more pics of house

Tomorrow we are going to meet a gal and her dd, from the Homeschool Lounge, and go to the movies and then maybe out to eat. This is quite exciting, since we haven't met any friends yet. She lives in one of the nearby towns to our small little town outside of Greenville.

Here's some more pics of the house the real estate lady took...I had to hunt them down off the internet....If I took the pics, I would have taken them from different angles than she did, and I would have shown the master bedroom, the tub area in master bath. and the laundry room.
This is the kitchen:

Here's the living room:
From another angle:
The front entry way:
The Master Bath Vanity:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Interesting and useless trivia...

Tonight while driving home from going out for dinner and shopping I learned that Reba McEntire has made 31 albums...and to think I saw her at the Houston Rodeo early in her career...

We are watching the All Star pregame stuff tonight...the homerun something or another...some guy name
Josh Hamilton got 28 homerun hits in the first round. This guy truly is a blessing. I encourage you to read his testimony. AWESOME!!!

I learned I can chat with 5 different people on separate yahoo msg.....I'm so multitalented....yeah right...then how come I never can figure out aerobics or how to play Guitar hero???? :P

I have a friend that says..."Candy is dandy, but fruit makes ya poop" So my question is what about Chocolate Covered Raisins??? They're candy and a is that both???? LOL Have I mention that here before????

What other exciting things can I mention before signing off for the night??? :P JK I'm outta here!

Oh and one more before I go...this one is from my friend, Laura....if Obama gets elected president...we'll have an Obamanation. :P funny, but true, in a sad way...

Night and Blessings until next time!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Sing-Along

I picked this song for Sunday Sing-Along, because I've been singing it the past few days after returning to SC. Where we are staying reminds me of the campground we lived in for a summer, in a tent, in MA. One particular week we were in a campsite that ended up being the drainage for the whole campground! While we were in at that site, one night there was a severe thunderstorm. My dh had an elaborate set up for us to be comfortable and also to protect us from the elements. He had tarps over the tent and under the tent. (it was a real pain on moving day...that's a story in itself) Anyhow, the night of the thunderstorm, dh and I woke up because it was thundering. I said to him, "Do you think we should put the kids in the car?" He stands up and says, "No, we should be fine." As he stands up he touched the side of the tent and just then lightening struck! When he stepped on the tent floor, there was a river flowing between the floor and the tarp on the ground! Dh started to sing..."I've got a river under my wife flowing under me" or something like that...DH then went out with his mini camping shovel and dug a trench so that the water would be diverted away from under the tent. Nevertheless, this song has always had a special place in my heart.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Test drive

I test drove a 2008 Town and Country today, and we looked at an Aspen too. Ds came with us and he concluded there was more room in the Van and he liked that idea of having all the cool features, including the dual DVD players in the Van. LOL I loved the drove almost as nice as a Mercedes. Well the last Mercedes I test drove was a few years maybe they drive nicer now than a few years ago. The van had dual DVD's, the radio controls on the steering wheel and at the dash, Sirrus radio, back up camera...power everything-including doors...I loved it. Dh said we could buy it today. I thought we should wait until the house sells, which was the original plan. He said we might need to reconsider because we have high miles on my van and want to get something possibly for a trade in. We'll have to see...It was a smooth ride though!!!

This is the color I want...

Friday, July 11, 2008

No Surprise here...

Yep, no surprise as to what I did today, after yesterday's post...we spent the day cleaning the RV and still not done...blech...

Tomorrow dh is working part of the day...we'll finish cleaning then. After dh gets home, we'll go to Home Depot and get a pen for the woofer, and we probably will go look at new Chrysler Town and Country vans and Aspens...dh plans on getting me a newer vehicle before the end of the year. I want to see the difference in leg room in the back seats...I'm tired of listening to the growing boy tell me he never has enough leg room!

Not much else to report for today...still too tired to write any real thought provoking posts or even anything funny...

Oh and here's a pic of our house for sale...this is a pic the real estate lady took the other day...she hasn't posted any inside pics yet....geez I hope she does, after all that work. LOL!!!

Blessings until
next time

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Warning: Major Gripe!!!

I love my sweetie. He is a giver. He'd give ya everything he has if GOD told him too...and maybe even if GOD didn't....but that man of mine can drive me buggy sometimes....after weeks (and I mean weeks) of decluttering and cleaning at the house, I looked forward to coming back to my little RV and relaxing...BUT is that possible??? NO!!!! Why not? Because while my sweetie was here, he made it look like a federal disaster area!!! Am I happy??? NO!!!! Why not??? Because he said all he left out was his clothes! No Mister, not quite! and then we had all the stuff we brought back with us. I have work to do again!!! Am I happy??? NO!!! Would you be??? But I love my sweetie and this is part of life...ACCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! Climbing off my soap box now with my megaphone in hand. :P

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Things I've missed/thought of while AWOL...

We got back to SC last night around midnight. Needless to say, we are all exhausted not only from the trip, but also from weeks and weeks of the physical labor of getting the house/yard ready to sell.

I missed posting for the 4th of July...there's lots of things I wanted to posted about that. We went to the annual July 4th parade in LV. We've made this a tradition since moving there. While there, I thought...this might be the last year America celebrates freedom and it's independence and people don't realize that...I wanted to post thougts, the constitution, etc..

I missed posting my baby's 21st birthday. The day was uneventful...we were busy packing etc to get the house ready. We left that night around 10pm to get back to SC. My sweet girl had to celebrate another birthday on the road...sorry baby. We love you!!!

Things I thought of while not having any sleep and miles to go on the road...

  • When I write my autobiography I going to title it, "My Life...Based on a True Story" LOL :P
  • I realized our friend doesn't like color on walls because he's colored blind, and probably doesn't enjoy color because it's grayed.
  • Pray without is possible...think of each person we see daily...people walking by, driving in the car, etc...what if we lifted them up and asked the LORD to bless them and if they don't know HIM-they will...that GOD will be reveal HIMSELF to them etc...then we would be praying all day!
  • Am I really old enough to have a 21 year old???? ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!
  • I'm sure there's more...but I'm so tired I can't think of them...

Blessings for now...I'm heading off for a nap and a shower.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

20 minute break

Dh is busy painting...
I'm decluttering dd's room and kitchen. Have gone through entry closet. Must get through Doodle's room betweeen today and tomorrow...carpet must be cleaned...the fun never stops around here!

HI-HO, HI-HO It's off to work I go...


Just whistle while you work....