Saturday, July 12, 2008

Test drive

I test drove a 2008 Town and Country today, and we looked at an Aspen too. Ds came with us and he concluded there was more room in the Van and he liked that idea of having all the cool features, including the dual DVD players in the Van. LOL I loved the drove almost as nice as a Mercedes. Well the last Mercedes I test drove was a few years maybe they drive nicer now than a few years ago. The van had dual DVD's, the radio controls on the steering wheel and at the dash, Sirrus radio, back up camera...power everything-including doors...I loved it. Dh said we could buy it today. I thought we should wait until the house sells, which was the original plan. He said we might need to reconsider because we have high miles on my van and want to get something possibly for a trade in. We'll have to see...It was a smooth ride though!!!

This is the color I want...