Thursday, July 10, 2008

Warning: Major Gripe!!!

I love my sweetie. He is a giver. He'd give ya everything he has if GOD told him too...and maybe even if GOD didn't....but that man of mine can drive me buggy sometimes....after weeks (and I mean weeks) of decluttering and cleaning at the house, I looked forward to coming back to my little RV and relaxing...BUT is that possible??? NO!!!! Why not? Because while my sweetie was here, he made it look like a federal disaster area!!! Am I happy??? NO!!!! Why not??? Because he said all he left out was his clothes! No Mister, not quite! and then we had all the stuff we brought back with us. I have work to do again!!! Am I happy??? NO!!! Would you be??? But I love my sweetie and this is part of life...ACCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! Climbing off my soap box now with my megaphone in hand. :P


pottermom said...

lol. gotta love marriage and the man it brings with it.

Is "S" moving with you? I thought she was staying in Texas.... I'm comfuzzled.

Laura said...


Thanks for the blog critique.....You're the BEST!!!

Love ya, Cheesey~