Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do you know how hard this is?

My fairly new laptop...
the space bar and H were sticking...I took them off...I got the space bar back on without any problems...the H doesn't want to go back on. Do you know how hard it is to type without an H on my laptop? ACKKKKKKKKKKK!!!

March of the Penguins...
Sex and Nudity????
My friend and I were talking about going to see another free movie this week. One of the options was March of the Penguins...we cracked up laughing to read this review...
March of the Penguins Review

I guess that might be disturbing to some parents...but with Penguins it's really hard to tell that they are having sex...maybe not so with other animals and I would be worried, but penguins....nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww....
Needless to say, the nudity...well aren't they always naked? LOL :P

Okay that's it for me folks. Don't forget to leave a comment! It makes my day...and besides, I'm working here without an H so it's the least you can do! :P

Blessings until next time!


pottermom said...

That H is making a showing despite it's losing it's covering. WAIT! You have an R rated laptop, there is a nude H on the keyboard!

Da-Red-Head said...

We watched it with our daughter & she didn't realize what they were doing. In fact, we live in farm country & when she sees anything going on with a cow when we drive by she thinks it's so funny that they are trying to do piggy-back rides. lol.

Have you seen that movie before? It's a looooooooong movie if you aren't extremely interested in penguins, let me tell ya! DH & I were trying to hit the FF button on the DVD remote when DD wasn't looking, but she always caught us. She enjoyed it though.

Hope you work out your issues with the letter H. ;)


christy said...

It would ave been funnier if you'd typed it all with no
"Do you know ow ard tis is?"

It's like that joke...Railroad crossing without any cars, can you spell that without any R's?

Rosemary said...

I watched it with my boys last year and they didn't realize there was any sex. Of course, they don't know what sex is yet. But I was not worried. The hardest part is when the egg gets too cold---I was ready to cry. Overall, they liked it. It was long. I don't think I'd give it any sex or nudity rating at all. Oh, and good luck with your h problem.