Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That's the best $3000 investment we've ever made!!!

That's what dh came home saying yesterday as he walked up. He had been on the phone with the guy that fixed the boat engine. DH went to highschool with the guy and has known him most of his life. Not to mention that he's rebuilt several engines for us over the years. From my understnding the guy's wife has been struggling with alcohol and I'm not sure if this guy is a Christian or not. Dh I guess called him to see how he was doing (he was going through a lot the past couple months when we were getting the engine fixed) and also to talk about the engine, I'm guessing.

When dh got out of his truck, he was beaming! He said that's the best $3000 investment we've ever made. He shared with Baker about our home church and how GOD could set his wife free and heal and deliver her, along with some other stuff and told him to check it out. I kinda understood, but then today it really sunk in...and I started thinking...

How much money will people give up to know that one soul might be saved? I thought how many times do we complain that we don't have enough money? How many times do we think we lack? Yet, we've not made an investment for souls into the kingdom of GOD. We just throw money into the offering or tithe but never really invest it?

Over the years, I think dh and I have learned that an investment in souls is more than an offering or a tithe at church...I think that's one reason why GOD has continued to prosper us. We are willing to give when we see a need...I'm not talking about just money/a financial investment, I'm talking about taking time to really care about people. Yeah, we had to pay almost double for the engine because it wasn't in as good as shape as we thought, but we got an engine that will last as long as we have that boat and even longer, but MORE IMPORTANTLY dh took the time to invest in someone's life and that might change two lives (possibly more) forever-for eternity. And that's such a blessing! PTL!!!

Thank you GOD for YOUR abundance in so many ways! Thank YOU for your continued teaching and opportunities YOU put in our paths to bring YOU glory and honor!


Anonymous said...

SOunds like ya'll are just being your sweet selves! By the way, I finally got to eat my Chex Mix! It was good!

In Christ,