Sunday, August 31, 2008

Watch out New Orleans!!!

Gustav means divine staff...interesting....very interesting...

Sunday Sing-Along

With the upcoming elections...and Gustav...I think this song is perfect for today...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happens...lame blogging...

Yesterday, we (April, Kalie, my two and myself) went to the Columbia Zoo and met another fellow lounger! It was so much fun! Tat and I have been chatting over at the lounge from almost the first day the lounge started. The zoo is beautiful and the kids enjoyed themselves.

Tuesday, we went down to Clemson and visited Katie, April's oldest dd, and had some Starbucks-yum...then we came back to the RV and had cheese enchiladas, beans, rice, and salad for dinner.

Not much new or exciting...
I think dh is working the weekend...I might go check out the last covered bridge in SC this weekend. Maybe I'll check out the are free and dh can get discount tickets at work...but it probably wouldn't be fun to go by myself, as the only I probably won't.

We are heading out on the 5th to Houston...that's about it here...

Hope you all have a blessed weekend! Until next posting...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 years, rain, mice and other happenings...

I thought I'd do a catch up post since I haven't posted in quite awhile...which I hate...
First of all we didn't have internet for several days, but then dh figured out that the router needed to be reset.

Hmm...lets see...
Last weekend (the 16th and 17th) we were in Houston and saw the Astros. It was raining SO bad in Houston on Saturday, that you couldn't even see the skyscrapers...we did see SCC that day and that was awesome. Sunday was Biggio's retirement. It was fun and the Astros actually won.

Monday, we hung out with our friends and Joe Bug went and saw "Journey to the Center of the Earth". The girls and I hung out with my buddy, M, and we also went shopping.

Tuesday, we headed out to Jackson, MS so we could meet dh there. Doodles headed back toward TX on Wed and we headed towards SC.

Wednesday, was dh's and my 22nd annivesary. We celebrated it driving and stopping on the road at Longhorn Steak house, then finishing up the drive.

Thursday...who knows...

Friday...again who knows...recovery days

Saturday...we went to Ashville, NC. with April and her girls...very interesting...not what I expected. I thought it would be a quaint, pretty little city-much like Greenville...but NOPE it's about's a total grunge city. Hippies, dreadlocks, tatooes, body piercings...blech...certainly not my cup of tea.

After we got back we all went for ice cream at a local place. It's one of those places that you order at the window and eat outside (or take it home). We decided to eat there and hang out visiting on the benches. Next to the benches are bushes. Katie, April's oldest use to work at this shop, and said, "There's little mice that come out at night in those bushes" I asked if they come out before that. She said no....yeah right!!!! A few minutes later (we all were done with our ice cream) Joe Bug says, "Speaking of mice" and points...there are two or three little mice down on the sidewalk under one of the benches. Most of us girls...let out screech....................I screech the loudest. I hate mice!!! Hate! hate! hate!!!! We all ran to the cars and that finished that.

Yesterday, I got the joy and priviledge of meeting my dearest friend in person and her dd. We met on a homeschool board (yes, the one I left) in chat and have chatted, emailed, spoke on the phone, etc for the past 5 years. My friend lives in NC and we met about halfway. It was so wonderful to hug her neck and see her in person. (I'm started to cry just thinking about it.) She is so wonderful. I love her so much. It was amazing to see her. Neither one of us wanted to say good bye. We met at a mall and it poured down rain for least 2-3. We got a little worried that we would be stranded. Although it would have been fun to spend more time with each other. I get teary eyed just thinking about our day. Needless to say, I hope we can someday spend more than an afternoon together (I know there's Heaven, but I mean before then).

Today, it is still raining. April and Kalie are on there way over and we are going to Walmart to do a little shopping. It seems like the rain isn't going to end. I hope it will by Thursday. We had planned on going to the Columbia zoo today, but that ended up not working out because of the rain.

I think that's about it...
we will be heading home on the 5th. Dh starts the new job on the 8th, instead of the 2nd.

Blessings until next time!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The latest and greatest...

We are heading back to TX. Dh took a job again in Houston and starts the day after Labor Day. I would appreciate prayers for travel etc. I will miss April and her girls very much! We will miss SC, but we know this is right for our family at this time.

DD is starting her first year of community college! She is so excited. She starts on Tuesday.

Ummmm...that's about it for the moment...I don't have internet service in the RV park again, so I sit on the hill like the early days of being here. Tonight it's not so bright so I don't have to sit with a blanket over my head. LOL


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Sing-Along

I should have put this song as my pick...don't know why I didn't think of it sooner...I was chatting with a friend and we were talking about Baptist people and how lots of them don't live life OutLOUD!!! Kinda funny cause this was one of the songs SCC was jammin to.

Sunday Sing-Along

Yesterday we went to see Steven Curtis Chapman before a Houston Astros game. It was like a mini concert. It was also like a bunch of dead people sitting in the stands. They had no joy. They didn't dance or sing. They just sat there. I almost felt sad for SCC...he was encouraging people to look toward GOD, especially now that he's gone through the homegoing of Maria. He didn't want people to be sad, he wanted people to rejoice. And all they did was sit there. Well not me!!! Not my kids!!! We were singing and dancing and enjoying ourselves!!! It was an awesome time in the physical and the spirit for us...who know...who understand...who live life as a great adventure!!!! So today when trying to think of a song I just went to YouTube and typed in Christian music and started looking...and this is what I came up with. :)
I hope you all have a blessed and terrific Sunday!!! and most of all REJOICE!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're not practicing goons...

It just comes natural...this is what I said to dd when she said that I look like my daddy and then said to her sister, you and Papa look like reply was we're not practicing goons, it just comes naturally. ROFLOL!!! :P

Saturday, 6:41am

No one should ever get up this early...especially on a Saturday!!!!
Why am I up? I couldn't sleep anymore and my friend's dss are getting ready to leave for a soccer tournament.

I'm in Houston for the weekend...we are planning on going to a mini Steven Curtis Chapman concert today, before seeing our beloved Houston Astros at Faith and Family Night/Day.
We will go to Biggio's retirement game tomorrow.
We will then head to SC Monday or Tuesday...go to Six Flags on Saturday and then head back to TX...why am I going? Because dh and my 22nd Anniversary is Wednesday...and I don't want to miss my sweetie!

That's about it for now!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm not surprised...

Nope, I'm not surprised at hearing that Julia Child was a spy during WWII...I seem to recall hearing something like that years and years ago. It just seems to fit her and her personality though-KWIM? What a facinating life that much have been! Talk about an adventure! Not sure I would be up for such a challenge...but ya never know...well of course you'd never know...I'd be a're not suppose to know. :P

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

days without a new post...

What's up with that? I'm not sure...not much has been going on around here.

  • Monday I went to the dentist,
  • Tuesday I went and applied for a new social security card...thank goodness I didn't have to wait on that for almost 4 hours like at the dentist office! I went and got my nails filled...
  • um and today well I didn't really do anything. DD had her car all day (my van is up in SC). She was testing to take some college classes (yay).
We been watching the Olympics in the evening...
I think we are heading to Houston tomorrow or Friday for the weekend and if all goes well we will be heading up to SC from there on Monday.

So that's about it for now...when we get back to SC we'll be starting up school again. I know my kids are just itching to get busy...LOL. :P

Blessings until another exciting post (again I write it and you read :P)

Oh and I forgot to mention...and I know how much you all want to tooth still hurts!!! ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk!!! (So I would appreciate prayer if you think about it! Thanks)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Three Hours and Two Hundred and Twelve Dollars Later...

UGH!!! I haven't been to a dentist in 25 years...since my mom died...I think part of it was I had a fear deep inside of me that I could get an infection and die like my mom did...even though that's just stupid for SO MANY reasons...for one I don't have heart problems like my mom and two and more importantly, I'm healed because of JESUS' stripes and I don't have the spirit of fear...I think I also was concerned that I would have serious gum disease and have to have mom, dad, and sister all have had it. Blech! Again, dumb stinkin' thinkin'...

The reason I went is because I'm having some pain on my upper left side.

The good news-

  • My teeth are actually not in bad shape for not seeing a denist in 25 years. The dentist was actually quite amazed.
  • No cavities
  • No severe gum problems
The bad news-
  • $212 for today, almost $2500 for all the cleaning and crown etc, and possibly more if I have to have a root canal. ICK!!!
  • 3 hours, mostly just waiting...which is the most irritating thing of the whole ordeal
  • I have a cracked 12yr molar
  • I will have to have a crown put on
  • I have to have deep cleaning on the gums...hey it sure beats the alternative-surgery!
  • After all that money and time, my tooth still hurts :(
In other news...
  • Dh made it safely back to SC-thank you for all of you that prayed.
  • The adjuster looked at dh's truck today. Repairs will run about $1300, the other guy did indeed have insurance and they are going after his to pay for damage.
  • Someone looked at the house today-hopefully they are interested in it...I'll find out later.
  • We saw 5 wild turkeys in our yard today.
  • I entertained the dental staff, but didn't get any discounts :P
That's all I can think of for now...
Blessings until next posting...
Oh and btw...I did ask for the x-rays for my blog...they wouldn't give them to me! LOL And I told the dentist he would be tonight's blog subject.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Sing-Along

Something fun...

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Great State of Texas...

Yes, we have arrived back home in the great state of TX. We will be home only for a short time...about a week, then head to Houston for some Astro games and to see Steven Curtis Chapman before one of the games. Dh came back with us to pick up his boat. Now, he's decided not to take it back with him and heads back tomorrow. :( Please pray for his safety.

Here's a cute song a friend of mine sent me the link too...
funny song

Blessings until next posting...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Please say there was an Obama sticker on the bumper?

The other day, my friend, April, phoned me and asked me...

April..."Hey if I bump into the back of someone, will I get a ticket?"
Me..."Yea, because the officer will say you were following too close behind"
April..."Even if they had a Obama sticker on the back of their car?


Dh called a few minutes ago...

"Guess what just happened to me?"
Me..."You had a wreck?"
Me..."Is it bad?"
Dh..."It was a fender bender, the guy decided to make a turn at the last minute with no turn signal and has no brake lights!"

My thought while trying to go back to sleep was...
Please tell me there was an Obama sticker on the back of the car!!!!

So then last night dh got his new camera. He's looking all over for the memory card. I look on the description and it doesn't mention one. Dh says, "Well the freakin' camera, that's like selling a truck without a bumper!"

Needless to say, I'm glad there's a bumper on the truck!

Dh is okay, the new truck is banged up on the front bumper and grill, dh said. DH say it looks like the guy doesn't even have a drivers license. I hope dh doesn't get a ticket. I'm waiting for dh to call me and give me the update...

UPDATE: The guy didn't have a license and was hauled off to jail. Dh got a ticket. He plans to fight it. Please pray that we will have favor and that all involved will be treated fairly-with honest and respect. Thank you!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hoppy Berfday KPC!!!

Today is a special friend's 8th Birthday!!! Here she is in her Super Girl Cape at Six Flags.

Because we love you, KPC!!!!

And a special birthday song!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Sing-Along

This song is special to me, and I really have no explanation why...I just really, really like this song and it's meaning...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

why do some people seem not to make any sense at all???

Dh wanted me to order a camera off of HSN today. So I thought I'd do it online...after putting in all my info, etc...I get a msg saying unable to I tried again...again I get the I call. When I speak to a sales rep she said it's because you used a different credit card the last time and there's a block on your account. Here's an 800 number to get the block removed. So I call the 800 number. I explain I'm trying to buy a camera online and got msg of unable to process. She asks me my address etc, to look up my account.
She said well it's because there's a different name on the credit card.

I said, Yes, I used my sister's credit card to buy a Dyson vaccum some time ago."

"Oh well here at HSN we don't allow you to use other people's credit cards."

"Well obviously you do/did, because I used my sister's credit card to get the Dyson."

"No, Ma'am we don't"

"Well that has nothing to do with me trying to buy the camera today, so why can't I make the purchase?"

Snippy she says, "Ma'am if you would let me finish explaining our policy I can try to get this taken care of for you. We here at HSN don't allow you to use other people's credit cards. Let me see if I can get this taken care of for you."


I wait a couple minutes. She gets back on tells me it's been unblocked and I can now make my purchase...

Okay, sure....whatever...Is it me, or does it seem like this woman made absolutely no sense at all????

The cake alone made the trip worthwhile

Last night dh called on his way home from work and asked what was for dinner. I said tacos or he and I could go out for dinner to P F Chang's. We've never been there, have heard great things about it, and have been wanting to try it. So dh and I had a date night without the kids!

First we ordered... Northern Style Spare Ribs-Tender, wok-braised ribs served with a five spice salt. These were delicious!

Then we got some...Won Ton Soup-Mushrooms, chicken, shrimp and pork wontons in a chicken broth-This too was also good. The shrimp was yummy and so were the won tons, but I thought the broth needed a little more chicken flavor and a little more green onions....then one of the waiters came along and asked if it was okay to take the rest away and dh said sure...I said, after it was gone, but there was still a lot in there. (it came in a big serving bowl, and served about 4) I said to dh, I was hoping to take that home. He said, "Say something." I said I didn't want to embarass myself...

We ordered Kung Pao Chicken-Quick-fired with peanuts, chili peppers and scallions
Wok Charred Beef-A flavorful dish with marinated mushrooms and roasted sweet peppers
Along with...
P.F. Chang's Fried Rice-Mixed with egg, soy sauce and sliced scallions. Choice of beef, pork, chicken or shrimp (We ordered the pork) It was very good!

Both were okay. The more I ate them, the more the grew on me. I thought both needed a little salt (which they didn't have on the table) and I would have liked both of them to be a little more spicy hot.

But then we ordered...The Great Wall of China Chocolate Cake-Six layers of rich chocolate cake frosted with semi-sweet chocolate chips served with raspberry sauce (and fresh strawberries, blueberries and rapsberries)

It was was hard not to want to eat the whole thing!!! BUT dh and I each ate a layer then shared a layer and then brought the rest home for the kids to each have a layer. The raspberry sauce made the cake absolutely delicious!!!

We had quite a bit of food left over...but when the server was going to pack up our food, I casually mentioned how I was disappointed that one of the other servers took away the rest of our Won Ton Soup...he asked if they asked us if we wanted it, and I said, "No, they said may we take this and took it away." He said, "I'll make sure you get some to take home." Yay!!!

The one thing I didn't care for was that it was noisy in there. It certainly wasn't a quiet atmosphere. Sometimes I just want to eat in peace and quiet.

Dh and I had a nice time. It was fun to have some time just to ourselves without the kids asking, "May we please get this?"

We came home and both fell asleep. I was so exhausted I fell asleep with makeup on and without brushing my teeth-ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.....Two things I NEVER do. LOL

It did help me feel a little better. I told dh I was really sad to hear about Stewart's wife and that I'd been sad all day. I asked him if he thought it could be because we didn't know if she was saved or not and it was my spirit mourning. He agreed it could be.

Blessings until next posting!

Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm sad...feeling blah...

Last night I called my brother to wish him and my sil Happy Anniversary, and my brother seemed rather down. :( He then told me that a friend's wife was found dead in her bathroom on Monday. My brother has know them both since elementary school. I'm so sad....he said he didn't know how she died. They have a couple kids, ages like around 4 and 2...I'm just feel so bad for Stewart and his family and kids. I feel bad because my brother didn't now the cause of death. Stew came home and found his wife dead in the bathroom...I haven't seen Stew in years...but my heart aches for him. I don't know how she died...don't know if she committed suicide, or if it was some weird death...and then does it really matter? She's gone...did she know the LORD? Does the rest of the family know the LORD? Will they see each other again? ahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, it just hurts...please pray for all involved...I really would appreciate it.

In addition to it possible to have Post PMS? I feel so blah it emotional from hearing such sad news? Is it spiritual? I dunno...I just feel blah...not sick, not happy, not bad...anyone else ever feel this way after your menstrual cycle? If you all don't mind will you pray for me too? Thanks!

Blessings until next posting...