Monday, August 11, 2008

Three Hours and Two Hundred and Twelve Dollars Later...

UGH!!! I haven't been to a dentist in 25 years...since my mom died...I think part of it was I had a fear deep inside of me that I could get an infection and die like my mom did...even though that's just stupid for SO MANY reasons...for one I don't have heart problems like my mom and two and more importantly, I'm healed because of JESUS' stripes and I don't have the spirit of fear...I think I also was concerned that I would have serious gum disease and have to have mom, dad, and sister all have had it. Blech! Again, dumb stinkin' thinkin'...

The reason I went is because I'm having some pain on my upper left side.

The good news-

  • My teeth are actually not in bad shape for not seeing a denist in 25 years. The dentist was actually quite amazed.
  • No cavities
  • No severe gum problems
The bad news-
  • $212 for today, almost $2500 for all the cleaning and crown etc, and possibly more if I have to have a root canal. ICK!!!
  • 3 hours, mostly just waiting...which is the most irritating thing of the whole ordeal
  • I have a cracked 12yr molar
  • I will have to have a crown put on
  • I have to have deep cleaning on the gums...hey it sure beats the alternative-surgery!
  • After all that money and time, my tooth still hurts :(
In other news...
  • Dh made it safely back to SC-thank you for all of you that prayed.
  • The adjuster looked at dh's truck today. Repairs will run about $1300, the other guy did indeed have insurance and they are going after his to pay for damage.
  • Someone looked at the house today-hopefully they are interested in it...I'll find out later.
  • We saw 5 wild turkeys in our yard today.
  • I entertained the dental staff, but didn't get any discounts :P
That's all I can think of for now...
Blessings until next posting...
Oh and btw...I did ask for the x-rays for my blog...they wouldn't give them to me! LOL And I told the dentist he would be tonight's blog subject.


Da-Red-Head said...

See -- That's just wrong! If you entertain the staff you should be rewarded! I charm the pants off (not literally) of all of my medical staff. Do they ever even offer to waive my co-pay? NO...

Glad it wasn't too traumatic for ya!


Penless Thoughts said...

Having just recently finished paying off $5,000 worth of dental bill I can understand. It is amazing how expensive dental work is. You were blessed with a good report if you hadn't been in 25 years!!! He was the subject of the blog.....funny!!!

Rosemary said...

I've given you an award on my blog. Just 'cuz I loves ya'!