Saturday, August 23, 2008

The latest and greatest...

We are heading back to TX. Dh took a job again in Houston and starts the day after Labor Day. I would appreciate prayers for travel etc. I will miss April and her girls very much! We will miss SC, but we know this is right for our family at this time.

DD is starting her first year of community college! She is so excited. She starts on Tuesday.

Ummmm...that's about it for the moment...I don't have internet service in the RV park again, so I sit on the hill like the early days of being here. Tonight it's not so bright so I don't have to sit with a blanket over my head. LOL



Rosemary said...

You sat with a blanket over your head? Why not use the cape?? LOL Or were you trying to be in disguise? ROFLOL!!