Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Please say there was an Obama sticker on the bumper?

The other day, my friend, April, phoned me and asked me...

April..."Hey if I bump into the back of someone, will I get a ticket?"
Me..."Yea, because the officer will say you were following too close behind"
April..."Even if they had a Obama sticker on the back of their car?


Dh called a few minutes ago...

"Guess what just happened to me?"
Me..."You had a wreck?"
Me..."Is it bad?"
Dh..."It was a fender bender, the guy decided to make a turn at the last minute with no turn signal and has no brake lights!"

My thought while trying to go back to sleep was...
Please tell me there was an Obama sticker on the back of the car!!!!

So then last night dh got his new camera. He's looking all over for the memory card. I look on the description and it doesn't mention one. Dh says, "Well the freakin' camera, that's like selling a truck without a bumper!"

Needless to say, I'm glad there's a bumper on the truck!

Dh is okay, the new truck is banged up on the front bumper and grill, dh said. DH say it looks like the guy doesn't even have a drivers license. I hope dh doesn't get a ticket. I'm waiting for dh to call me and give me the update...

UPDATE: The guy didn't have a license and was hauled off to jail. Dh got a ticket. He plans to fight it. Please pray that we will have favor and that all involved will be treated fairly-with honest and respect. Thank you!!!


pottermom said...

lol. If you're gonna hit one, hit an Obama supporter. lol

marky said...

oh bummer! Hope your dh can get out of that ticket!

Laura said...

Hey, Cheesey~

I am so glad to hear that DH is okay and was not injured in the fender bender.

Praying he gets out of the ticket!

Love and miss you~

Penless Thoughts said...

This was a very funny post up until you said your husband was hit. So glad he wasn't hurt and trust all will be treated fairly.

How is the 15 year old doing? I'd love an update.