Saturday, August 2, 2008

why do some people seem not to make any sense at all???

Dh wanted me to order a camera off of HSN today. So I thought I'd do it online...after putting in all my info, etc...I get a msg saying unable to I tried again...again I get the I call. When I speak to a sales rep she said it's because you used a different credit card the last time and there's a block on your account. Here's an 800 number to get the block removed. So I call the 800 number. I explain I'm trying to buy a camera online and got msg of unable to process. She asks me my address etc, to look up my account.
She said well it's because there's a different name on the credit card.

I said, Yes, I used my sister's credit card to buy a Dyson vaccum some time ago."

"Oh well here at HSN we don't allow you to use other people's credit cards."

"Well obviously you do/did, because I used my sister's credit card to get the Dyson."

"No, Ma'am we don't"

"Well that has nothing to do with me trying to buy the camera today, so why can't I make the purchase?"

Snippy she says, "Ma'am if you would let me finish explaining our policy I can try to get this taken care of for you. We here at HSN don't allow you to use other people's credit cards. Let me see if I can get this taken care of for you."


I wait a couple minutes. She gets back on tells me it's been unblocked and I can now make my purchase...

Okay, sure....whatever...Is it me, or does it seem like this woman made absolutely no sense at all????


christy said...

I would say that does not make sense after the fact.