Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm sure there is a message in this somewhere...and other musings...

Hi all!
We made it home safely from SC on Thursday night. It was a fun and somewhat easy drive. The weather was great. The weather channel reported possible thunderstorms most of the way, but I just prayed (like I always do) and we only ran into a small patch of rain outside of Greenville.

We stopped outside of Jackson, MS at a new Comfort Inn and after a long drive I needed to use the restroom. When I went in as I was finished and went to flush I couldn't help but crack up laughing at the toilet makers name...Church...I left thinking I've been to church...I'm sure there is a message in there somewhere...but I'm still praying on how to say it with grace. ;)

This morning I got up around 7-7:30 and looked out my front door window at my tall, overgrown grass to see a huge wild turkey and her baby! It was awesome! I'm sure dh would have loved to see it! (and probably would have wished to have gun in hand-lol) We usually see roadrunners, very seldom do we see a turkey.

Some happy cyber friend, Rachel, had a baby boy! Congrats to her and her family for this new bundle of joy!!! Please go by and congratulate her.

Some sad dh's cousin had to put his dd's horse down this week. It was a very difficult week for them. K and Casper were a team in competitions. I know K could really use our prayers at this time. She is my Belle's age-Losing a favorite pet is always such a difficult thing when you're a kid! (and sometimes as an adult too)

Some other sad many of you probably heard, Steven Curtis Chapman lost his dd, Maria, last week in an unfortunate accident. Those of you that read my blog frequently probably know that my blog is title after SCC's song Great Adventure. That song fits my life and walk with the LORD perfectly. Please pray for his family and especially his dear son, Franklin. I'm sure he is devastated from this tragedy and I'm sure the devil will accuse and lie to him.

Until next time...
May Blessings abound!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

on the road again...

Heading back to TX to get the house ready to sell. I will spend the next month working on the yard, decluttering and packing up stuff we want to keep, but want up so the house can look presentable. Please pray for safe travels. Blessings until then!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

In honor of Memorial Day
Thank you! Here's a great video on ways to say thanks to those that are still serving! Also, don't forget to wear a red shirt on Fridays. We been doing this for several months now. We also try to say thanks to men and women serving and often buy them a coffee or a meal to show our appreciation. If you can't do that, please just do what this VIDEO suggests.
Memorial Day Comments
Memorial Day Comments ~ Myspace Comments

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday, Bella!!!!

Today is my pretty baby's birthday!!! Happy Birthday, precious girl!!! We love you so much!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Don't get me wrong...I was brought up in the Catholic church...I'm thankful that they taught me faithfulness. I attended a Baptist church for sometime. I'm very thankful that they teach salvation to so many and laid a biblical foundation for me. BUT...

Catholic, Methodist, Independent Baptist, Reformed Baptist, Freewill Baptist, First Baptist, Second Baptist, Third Baptist, Fourth Baptist, You Name it Baptist, etc...UNLESS it's Speaking in tongues, prophesing, casting out devils, speaking in the HOLY GHOST Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, etc than it's just religion. The modern church is suppose to be the church that was in the book of ACTS...hence the name the book of ACTS...and if you're saying ..."that died with the saints of old" me where it says that in the Bible!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A couple favorites...

These are a couple of my favorite songs on the radio right now... I like some country music and really like George Strait and Kenny Chesney.
I really like the words in both of these songs.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunday Sing-Along

I am so glad to be able to participate again in Sunday Sing-Along!!! I picked this song, because yesterday when I was thinking about a song, I wanted to pick something about friends. I miss my friends. :( I thought about Michael W. Smith's song, "Friends" but then I decided to go with this instead....Because no matter where I am GOD is with me. AMEN!!! and not only that...but I am a friend of GOD!!! Hallelujah!!!


(And NO I'm not pregnant...that would be terrifying news at my age! LOL, not to mention dh would wonder who's it was...since he took care of his end a few years
First, I'm back online! YEA!!!! Dh has worked so hard to get the internet going and finally something has worked!!!! Thank you, Honey!!!

Second, My dd, Doodles, is flying up on the 20th!!!! I miss my baby!!! It's only been a month...but how I hate when she's not with us...makes me feel our family's not complete (besides I deal with a lot of tears from lil sis when she's away from us)

Thanks to my friend, C...for faithfully taking care of Scout while we're away!!! I REALLY appreciate it!!!

It's good to be back...I will try to share and catch up over the next few days, but I have lots going on. We have gotten back into a routine of schoolwork-amazing how much the computer can rob your time, when you let it. :( Also, with Doodles flying in, and Flower (dh) and Belle's bdays this coming week and then driving home the following week for about a month...I'm just not sure how much time I'll have...but I promise I'll try! It's so great to be back online!!! YEA!!!!! Thanks again, my sweetie!!!! You're the bestest!!!! I love you!!!