Saturday, May 17, 2008


(And NO I'm not pregnant...that would be terrifying news at my age! LOL, not to mention dh would wonder who's it was...since he took care of his end a few years
First, I'm back online! YEA!!!! Dh has worked so hard to get the internet going and finally something has worked!!!! Thank you, Honey!!!

Second, My dd, Doodles, is flying up on the 20th!!!! I miss my baby!!! It's only been a month...but how I hate when she's not with us...makes me feel our family's not complete (besides I deal with a lot of tears from lil sis when she's away from us)

Thanks to my friend, C...for faithfully taking care of Scout while we're away!!! I REALLY appreciate it!!!

It's good to be back...I will try to share and catch up over the next few days, but I have lots going on. We have gotten back into a routine of schoolwork-amazing how much the computer can rob your time, when you let it. :( Also, with Doodles flying in, and Flower (dh) and Belle's bdays this coming week and then driving home the following week for about a month...I'm just not sure how much time I'll have...but I promise I'll try! It's so great to be back online!!! YEA!!!!! Thanks again, my sweetie!!!! You're the bestest!!!! I love you!!!