Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm sure there is a message in this somewhere...and other musings...

Hi all!
We made it home safely from SC on Thursday night. It was a fun and somewhat easy drive. The weather was great. The weather channel reported possible thunderstorms most of the way, but I just prayed (like I always do) and we only ran into a small patch of rain outside of Greenville.

We stopped outside of Jackson, MS at a new Comfort Inn and after a long drive I needed to use the restroom. When I went in as I was finished and went to flush I couldn't help but crack up laughing at the toilet makers name...Church...I left thinking I've been to church...I'm sure there is a message in there somewhere...but I'm still praying on how to say it with grace. ;)

This morning I got up around 7-7:30 and looked out my front door window at my tall, overgrown grass to see a huge wild turkey and her baby! It was awesome! I'm sure dh would have loved to see it! (and probably would have wished to have gun in hand-lol) We usually see roadrunners, very seldom do we see a turkey.

Some happy cyber friend, Rachel, had a baby boy! Congrats to her and her family for this new bundle of joy!!! Please go by and congratulate her.

Some sad dh's cousin had to put his dd's horse down this week. It was a very difficult week for them. K and Casper were a team in competitions. I know K could really use our prayers at this time. She is my Belle's age-Losing a favorite pet is always such a difficult thing when you're a kid! (and sometimes as an adult too)

Some other sad many of you probably heard, Steven Curtis Chapman lost his dd, Maria, last week in an unfortunate accident. Those of you that read my blog frequently probably know that my blog is title after SCC's song Great Adventure. That song fits my life and walk with the LORD perfectly. Please pray for his family and especially his dear son, Franklin. I'm sure he is devastated from this tragedy and I'm sure the devil will accuse and lie to him.

Until next time...
May Blessings abound!


Christy said...

I can just hear you laughing hysterically as you walk out of the bathroom!
There have been tons of wild turkeys around town, lately. very cool.
And ya'll have the cutest bunny hopping around your back yard, driving poor Scout crazy.

Christy said...

Cute flip flops BTW. I also wanted to tell you that Moe's Flat Stanley went to Paula Deen's restaurant in GA. He's not covered in cream cheese, so i'm not sure if they fed him.

Christy said...

How blessed is the relief one finds at church.
I know that's what you were going for, right? ;)
I guess I'll just keep on making new comments instead of remembering it all in one.

Da-Red-Head said...

I've heard many songs about washing away sin, but never flushing it away! Maybe you should write a song about it! ;)

Love ya,