Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Sing-Along

This song is special to me, and I really have no explanation why...I just really, really like this song and it's meaning...


marky said...

that was great!

Da-Red-Head said...

Hey, that was pretty cool!

It would be awesome if you were ever up our way for you to drop in on us! We're in PA. Let me know if you'll be through here & I'll give ya directions!

Today went great. My Grandparents showed up & surprised us, then took us out to lunch. There is such a sweet spirit in the church. It's small in number, but big in heart. Plus, you can joke around with these people. I need to be able to joke around with people or I just feel like poking myself in the eye with a fork.

I linked your clip on my blog in Mr. Linky. I don't now why he wasn't working earlier? I just got it working. I was going to link you as Wonder Woman, but didn't want to give away your true identity. ;)

I'm sorry your soul is mourning. I believe totally that your soul can mourn for the loss of another's soul. I just prayed for you that God would comfort you.

Love you!