Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Prayer request

Would you all take a minute and pray for these things? My friend, Patti's mom had a stroke. Please pray for her and strength for Patti. Also, will you pray that the rv place will refund some money they took from us, that they weren't suppose to, quickly. Thanks!

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I've never met anyone else who's won a trip to Disney. every time we see a sweepstakes now we enter! It was a huge blessing for our family. I think we must become friends!
Anyway - I will pray about the RV thing (your RV is beautiful BTW - how wonderful to travel around the US in such nice transportation). DOn't you just hate when people try to rip you off. Oh and yes... we are pretty frustrated with the Astros right now - where's the pitching?! ugh - don't get me started.