Thursday, December 13, 2007

100 things I'm thankful for-Numbers 61-80

61. Our Military, past, present and future-Thank you for your willingness to give up your todays for our tomorrows. "Greater love has no man, than a man lays down his life for a friend"John 15:13.

62. A Free Nation-no where else like the USA!!!!

63 .Freedom to worship GOD still-who knows how long this will still be?

64. Freedom to home school my sweet babes-in a great home school friendly state, too!

65.The GREAT State of TEXAS-it truly is a STATE of MIND! Where else can you see coast, plains, mountains an all the other great things we have? Not to mention everything is BIGGER in Texas!!! (really you have to live or have lived in TX to get it...and not for a short time a long time)

66. Gasoline-it's still cheaper than most things for the gallon...

67. Hair products-hey they keep my hair tamed, soft, and smooth...not to mention straight!!! It's my list... :P

68. Chocolate-do you REALLY need an explanation? This I'm sure is on almost every one's list, except my friend TS and my sis...

69. The Weather-all kinds

70. Farmers-thank you for fulfilling your call, without you I'd have to grow food and raise no thank YOU!!!!

71. Pioneers, Pilgrims, Explorers, Inventors-Thank you for paving the way for what we have today and the future

72. The Grocery Store and Department Stores-again that whole thing like the farmer...without you dinner wouldn't happen, and likely my kids would wear rags. ;P

73. Factory workers-hey we wouldn't have a lot of things without their labors

74. Snow sledding with my kids in WA- a memory I'll always cherish and I hope they will too.

75. Hot Chocolate-because of #74 for one thing!

76. Winning a trip to Disneyland-it's true, I won a trip to Disney when my oldest was a baby through the show, "Win, Lose, or Draw" An incredible blessing at the time. We really needed a vacation!

77. Learning how to type-even if the football players in my high school typing class could type faster than's come in very handy over these past several years since the Internet has been invented!

78. Emotions!-anyone that knows me knows I'm emotional! (not always a good thing, but other times it can be)

79. Socks and shoes-especially on a cold or rainy day

80. A pencil sharpener-it's makes it so much easier to use a pencil than sharpening with a knife.


Isaiah5513 said...

N asked to sharpen his pencil with a knife yesterday.
I started working on a list. I'm at 49. It's hard :-p