Saturday, December 1, 2007

Blessed Travels...

Today I thought I would share some of the many places our family has had as a field trip (LOL-part of the whole homeschooling experience) over the past several years. These opportunities have been due to my dh's job. Dh is a piping designer and often takes contract jobs out of state.
Some of the places we have been able to see are:
Plymouth Rock
Newport, RI (where all the rich and famous of early 1900's people like Rockefeller had 'summer homes'-whoopie doo-LOL)
Niagra Falls (actually when I was a kid we lived in Buffalo. Also my younger two weren't born when we saw only my oldest)
Disney World (does this count? LOL)
Disneyland (how about this one? These were actually both family vacations)
The Grand Canyon
Mt. Rushmore
Yellowstone National Park
The lonely Alaskian Highway all the way from Alaska to Canada (and then finished by driving to Texas)
Washington D.C. (again only my oldest)
Carlsbad Caverns
Seattle from the top of the Space Needle
Space Center Houston
Pikes Peak (again just my oldest)
Hoover Dam (before 9-11...from my understanding some of the tourist sections have been closed since 9-11)
Little Big Horn
Redwood Forest

I think these are the major points we've hit. There are many not as significant places we've been too...but they're so numerous I couldn't even begin to list them all!

I feel honored and blessed to have been able to travel to so many beautiful places GOD created.
Thank YOU LORD for the many safe travels!!!



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