Thursday, December 13, 2007

PRAISE REPORT-Update on Mary...

This is the latest update on Mary...(apparently I missed a msg saying her family decided not to just put her on comfort can read where they first decided to here) Anyhow this is the news posted today...Here's the original post...or you can read it below.
Some good news from Kim! The Lord has granted some miracles. Mary is off the ventilator for several hours a day. Internal healing is starting very, very slowly. She's off the heart and blood pressure meds.
However, she is still in grave condition with many, many issues. Keep praying for the Lord's will for Mary. Her situation is truly a moment by moment one.

Please keep praying!


pottermom said...

Now don't tell me you are amazed that she is showing signs of healing..... *wink* I don't think they ever posted that her family decided not to do just comfort care. I am always just so amazed at how negative certain people remain to be. I figure if God can raise the dead he can heal dead flesh. We keep praying, it is in His hands. A better place than in mine, that's for sure!