Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Part 3 Getting to know us

In Seekonk, MA we lived at Gateway Motor Inn motel for 3 months...I did dishes in the sink of the bathroom. I cooked out of an electric roaster oven. I was so glad when that was over. I learned how to cook almost anything in that thing...and couldn't wait to get rid of it! My oldest was 12, son was 4, and little one was 3...so we spent a LOT of time at the library and the laundromat. The librarian was/is wonderful! Her name is Miss M. E. and she was so kind and loving to me and the kids. She looked forward to our daily visits. I was always worried we'd drive her crazy but if we did, she never let on. As a matter of fact we still keep in touch on and off and she said in a recent email how much she misses us and how our family was great.

The ladies that ran the laundromat were equally as nice, and always said I should write a book. I guess will probably as close as I ever come. Funny I don't remember much about our stay at the motel...except this...not really funny....more like disgusting...I had made sloppy joes for dinner in the electric roaster. The kids were on a blanket on the floor eating. My dh all of a sudden says to the kids to get up on the beds...I'm like...duh...what's going on?What's the matter? I think I just saw a mouse. EEEEEEEEEEEEECCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!
I am deathly afraid of mice...How disgusting and gross!!! we immediately went to the front desk and got another room for the night...and frantically looked for a place to live. We looked and looked...mind you we were paying $1000 a month for this dumpy motel...and housing is very difficult to find up there...at least it was back then...we one time tried to get this small house (more like a bungalow) It was over $1000 a month, smaller than my living room. We didn't get it and had to stay at the motel for the duration of our stay.