Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm just here for the food...

So now I feel like one of the step sisters in "Ever After". Tonight was our annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony for our small community. It's starts at 6:30...I tell the kids we are leaving early because I want to get dinner there...Hey they're passing out BBQ sandwiches, hotdogs, hot chocolate and cupcakes and's why not???

We get there...they changed the location this year. In the past it's been in front of the city hall and the elementary school and there is this main road they block off . Usually they have little stands set up on the road with all those goodies. This year it got moved to the Clubhouse. The facility on the inside I think is bigger than the elementary school cafeteria (in case it rained we'd go in there). Anyhow we got there at was already packed!!! Fortunately we were able to get our dinner. When we got over to the cupcake stand there were two very nice women from the title company serving. Somehow it was mentioned we were there for the food-LOL! At least they agreed...said something like that's why they brought there kids out too! :) Well I'm glad I wasn't the only one!

On the way home I remembered that's the line one of the step sisters life is like the movies...ROFLOL!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's the reason why Sam and the boys went. I left and he called, "Is there supper at home?"
"no, i'm sorry, I didn't get it done."
"That's Ok, I'll take them to the tree lighting for supper."
You've gotta love it when dad's in charge of supper. said...

That's cute... thanks for your encouraging words on my blog today