Thursday, December 13, 2007

100 Things I'm thankful for-Numbers 21-40

21. Bro. C and Sis. M-Unconditional friends that we have great, fun times with! All those late nights of Bible trivia and Bible Charades-lol!!!! member that one with Bro. B picking up his head from sleeping to answer the trivia-roflol! We love you guys!!!

22. J and T- Our friends for over 21 years! Love you guys!!!

23. A nice, warm, comfortable house- May it bless others and may we be a blessing as people of hospitality.

24. Electricity-do I really need to give an explanation???

25. Running water-again a no brainer...

26. Modern appliances-my handmaidens

27. Newer, running vehicles-dh doesn't have to be repairing and fixing all the time anymore.

28. My dh's job-through which GOD has abundantly provided

29. Tithing- because of our obedience, through which GOD has abundantly supplied

30. My Computer-a source of information and entertainment

31. The tv-another source for information and entertainment

32. The radio-yet another source for information and entertainment and beautiful music

33. Music-oh how I love it!

34. Books-again another source for information and entertainment!!!

35. Maps-got my love from my dad, a navigator in the Air Force. Also a source of information and yet entertainment...I could spend hours looking at a map

36. Cook Books and Recipes-something else I could spend hours looking at, getting ideas, and creating.

37. Food-it's sustaining power

38. GOOD food-it's tastes and smells

39. The ability to read-to read GOD's WORD and all the other incredible finds out there.

40. Sight-to see all the beautiful things GOD's created