Thursday, December 13, 2007

100 things I'm thankful for-Numbers 41-60

41. Fresh drinking Water-bottled, tap, pure, mountain etc.

42. Cleaning products-makes my jobs around the house so much easier.

43. Garbage pickup-can you even image live without it?

44. Modern plumbing-DOO you need an explanation??? LOL

45. Makeup-cuz even the old barn needs a little paint sometimes. :P (esp. mascara)

46. Toothbrushes and Toothpaste-nothing like a fresh, minty mouth! AND nothing like a not so fresh minty mouth-gag :P LOL!

47. Cell phones-because of long drives in the middle of no where and so every time we travel we don't have to buy a phone card, service or use a pay phone.

48. Sense of Smell-for things like fresh baked cookies, the smell of rain, a fresh mowed lawn, etc, etc, etc...

49. My hearing-to hear my beautiful family and friends voices, music, tv and other wonderful sounds

50. Sense of Touch

51. My curly hair-even if it's taken me years to like's helped me grow character when I got teased from it, and besides GOD made me that way, so why shouldn't I like it?

52. PJ's-a wonderful invention to sit and play on the computer in, to sleep in, to watch tv or cuddle up with a book in.

53. Furniture-especially a nice warm bed or a comfy chair

54. Our Experiences living in a tent for the summer in MA-I wouldn't trade that summer for anything!

55. The people we met at Canoe River Campground-L and family helping us move the tent, N and D and your friendship still...I look forward to seeing you guys again someday! R&R wish I knew where they were.

56. Gateway Motor Inn- at least we had a roof over our heads, a place to make a meal and a warm bed, but best the laughs!

57. The year living in an RV-another experience I wouldn't trade for anything!

58. The great people we met rving-some of the dearest nicest people-you know who you are...if I met you while living in the rv your them!

59.Travels-not only experiencing it myself, but with my family. The many beautiful and wonderful places GOD's created. I'm so blessed by this! I can say I've been to 49 out of 50 states and Canada and Mexico!

60. Clocks and Calendars-without them I'd probably never know what's going on or when or where...

I'll finish up my list later...I've got stuff to take care of around here. Also note I changed the times I posted so they would go in number order. ;)