Thursday, December 13, 2007

Taking the Plunge-100 things I'm thankful for...

My friend, Trusting Daily, has a challenge on her board to post 100 things you're thankful for...well I was inspired to do it, and then thought nobody will read my list (although I read hers)...then I went over to my friend, Dangela, and she has a 100 thankful list and I read all of I thought well I'll do one too...but I'm going to break my down into lists of 20. I figured it's a little easier on the eyes-well at least on mine. :P
So here goes...100 things I'm thankful for...

1. OUR HEAVENLY FATHER-too many reasons in its self to explain...but here's a big one-because HE created everything!

2. JESUS CHRIST-who lived, died, rose again ,and is coming back again for me and all who believe! who set me free, redeemed me, healed me, give me peace, etc, etc, etc, according to Isaiah 53:5

3. HOLY GHOST or SPIRIT if you prefer-for being our intercessor and all that includes, not to mention the gifts HE freely gives!

4. My Mom-I hope to see in Heaven some day...she past away when I was 18...she helped make me the woman I am today. I love and miss you, Mom.

5. MY Dad- For always being a great dad, that spent time doing stuff with us, a wonderful provider for our family. I love you, Dad. I know we've had some rough times, but you're the best!

6. My sister-all the great memories as kids and now as an adult...we do have some fun times! Even if she gets on my nerves sometimes and vice versa...she truly is and knows the meaning of family when it comes down to it, and knows how to be. I love you, BH

7. My brother, C-for all his helps me to deal with the real world...I love you, bro!

8. My Brother, D- a great sense of humor probably for starters-you always put a smile on my face! I love you, DH.

9. My sweet, loving, husband-I am nothing without you....I wouldn't be a Christian without you, a wife, or a mom. We've had some hard times, but I feel like they've only made us stronger. You are a wonderful provider, a beautiful example of GOD's unconditional love and grace, a giver, a great dad, a great sense of warped humor...the list goes on and on...I love you, Him!!!

10. My oldest dd, Doodlebugs-always there to lend a helping hand, a hug, a piece of chocolate. You are a wonderful example of GOD's love. I'm so impressed by and proud of your love, kindness and grace. Always willing to pray for anybody anywhere and not ashamed to do so! I love you, sweetie!

11. MY dear sweet son, Joe Bug-becoming a fine young gentleman! I'm so proud of you! Your hugs, your mannerisms, offering to help, and your sense of are becoming more like your daddy everyday! LOL! I love you, bug!

12. MY Baby girl, sweet Bella Rose-your hugs, the way you'll play with my hair, your compassion for people and animals, always there to lend a helping're kind, loving, are growing into such a lovely young lady. I love you, Belle!

13. My step mom, A-loving us like your own...being a grandma to my kids, and loving my daddy. I love you and thank you!

14. My sil, L-YOU are one incredible woman! You married my bro-nuf said! I love you, L!

15. MY inlaws-without you my dh wouldn't be here. Thank you...because of your actions you have made him into a man of strength, courage, and love . He has become a better person because of the barriers and obstacles you all put in his path-so thank you!

16. Pastor Hallam and ALCC-you're our spiritual daddy, family, and home. We wouldn't be the HS-filled Christians we are today without your teaching, love, and faith! We love you all! Thank you for your faithfulness to teach the TRUTH!

17. Body of Believers-truly a blessing to have!

18. the Many Pastors and Churches we have been placed under in our travels-a great blessing to know where ever you go there are people in agreement with you!

19. Great Teachings of GOD's WORD through mighty men of GOD -KCM, JDM, JSMI...just to name a very, very few...

20. Bro B and Sis. S- helping us grow in faith, leading us to great ministries like KCM! We love you guys more than you know. Truly an example of GOD's tremendous love and compassion for people. We had some great times back at the old house-didn't we?


Anonymous said...

Good gravy! That's a lot of things to think about. A list I'm sure would brighten us all if we endeavored to think up one :)

Anonymous said...

Was that a little 'jab' about my blog comments? ;-)~ LOL ~

I'm NOT believing you got a new RV! We've looked at them for the entire two years we've traveled but not felt the Lord's leading to take the plunge.

I cannot believe so many folks are actually taking the "Thankful" challenge! I'm just amazed...and reading them (as time allows) has been such a blessing to me. It has really given me a glimpse into each ladies' heart. -- Very special.

Oh and...we LOVE the Hampton! - but it's too expensive for us to stay there for an extended periood of time.

Christmas Blessings ~

Anonymous said...

PLEASE let me know if others take the challenge - leave me a comment - or have them leave me one. Too many blogs - so little time.