Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Faith of a child

It doesn't matter how old you are...if you have faith of a child it can make all the difference in the world!

My dd wanted desperately to see a ball game the other day at the minor league park. She wanted to see her beloved Astro pitcher that was in rehab for an injury. It had been raining with thunderstorms all day. The weather didn't seem like it would clear up. We already bought tickets for the game on Saturday. DD reminded me and her daddy all day long, "Just have faith, momma. It will clear up." We went out for lunch and when we got done, it was still black outside. Dh told dd to call to see if the game was still scheduled. "Game's still on. They have sunshine out there."

So we head out that way. Still black out, still icky looking and still sprinkling...I'm not in the mood to sit out where it's all wet and humid-blech!

Get to our seats...then sun is starting to peak out. Soon the sky is not only sunny, but clearing! Before we left, the skies were completely clear!

Did I mention my dd is the 21 year old? :)

Faith of a child...