Monday, August 10, 2009

my super star!!!

"Bill, Strange things are afoot a the Circle K" (from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures)
Um in this case in and really they aren't strange things, but GOD things.

Dh's job has been really interesting. By trade he is a piping designer and computer designs things like refineries and power plants. Since we've been here in Fargo, dh's job hasn't been doing that. He's been trying to get clients for the company and been a spokesperson for them.
Dh has found tremendous favor with the company and with many of the clients. :)

Recently, the Washington Post called the governor of ND and asked why the state has one of the lowest unemployment in the US. The governor said that there are several companies hiring, and suggested calling dh's company. When the Washington Post called the company, they wanted to do some interviews with some of the new employees. Dh was one of them!!! How cool is that?

Today, dh got to go make an ad for new recruits and interns for the company. While he was doing the taping, he did it in one take!!! The crew was impressed and called him One take Charlie! lol He was also complimented on his voice and was asked to narrate the whole video!

We know this is where GOD wants us, even though we miss TX! It's exciting to see what GOD is doing here and with our lives!

Blessings until next time!


christy said...

that is super! (i'm trying not to say awesome so much) how'bout COOL!
Anyway...I knew there was money to be made with all that talkin' HS does ;-)

Just Me said...

It's exciting to read about what God is doing with your lives! I actually read this post the other day, but was too tired to leave a comment. (How pathetic am I?)

My husband has a lot of family in South Dakota, but none in North Dakota. We keep saying we're going to take a trip to visit his grandmother since she has never even met our daughter. If we ever do take that trip, I'll let you know. Maybe we can meet somewhere.

:-) Stacey