Friday, December 31, 2010

One Last Post for 2010

2010 I'm glad to see you end.  It hasn't been a bad year, it hasn't been great either. I think I'll reflect on this and think about how I've changed....

I think I'm probably furthest from the LORD then I ever have been in my walk.  :(  Not a good thing, but I'm being honest.  Yet I heard a friend one time say, the time I thought I was the furthest from the LORD I look back, and I might have been the closest.  HMMM, I hope I can say that someday.  I'm not saying the LORD hasn't had me in the palm of HIS hand, I just not "feelin" yeah, I know we don't go by what we feel....

I don't think I met any of my goals that I set in January.  :(  Do I feel like a failure?  Um, yes and no, thankfully the LORD's mercies are new everyday.  :)  So I'll set new goals and go from there.  I might make them, I might not...but at least I set something to achieve.  :)

I'd appreciate prayer for 2011. I'm struggling in areas I thought I had dealt with and put behind me.  Perhaps the LORD is raising me up to a higher standard...unfortunately, I think I'm failing miserably. 

  • Also, pray the dh's job will go direct, or provide until we can get the BBQ business in full gear
  • For oldest dd, that the LORD will give her direction and that she'll move that way
  • For ds, that he'll hear the LORD and make the necessary directions
  • For dd, that she'll continue to serve and grow in the LORD
  • For my friends, several are going through many difficult situations that they've never dealt with before.
Hope you all have a wonderful New Years.