Monday, May 2, 2011

The Death of Osama bin Laden

I know I'll rattle a few cages here, but SERIOUSLY I am not convinced the man is dead.  I think it's totally a political tactic from Obama.  Why do I think that?

Unfortunately until they show his dead body being dumped overboard and the Navy Seals attack, I don't think I'm convinced he's dead. 

I mean think about it, first, and finally,  Obama releases his birth certificate after how long? Then all of a sudden, Bin Laden is assassinated and his body is dumped? (Obama didn't want us over there to begin with) and then tries to make it sound like it's a US victory, when (if you recall) His wife, Michelle Obama, isn't proud to be an American....

Not to mention the already many conflicting stories of Bin Laden's death....HELLO?!

Come on! Seriously, what's wrong with this picture?  Anyone else see it like this?


redkathy said...

Oh and what about the news reporting prior to President Obamam's announcement that Bin Laden was killed the week before? Doesn't that make his death on Easter Day? We never seem to know the REAL truth!