Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Interesting Quote

"The mere absence of war is not peace." - John F. Kennedy

How come people don't get that? We won't ever have peace? EVEN if we end the war over in Iraq and any other wars around the world ceased, we still wouldn't have peace!

Why/How can you say that, you maybe asking yourself? (Hopefully you already know the answer...)
The answer is quite simple...
We are a fallen people. It all goes back to the Garden of Eden when sin entered the earth. It's not difficult. We are selfish and uncaring without a new mindset, without being born again! There is NO PEACE without JESUS!

If you don't know JESUS and think you have peace, it's not genuine. One day there will be something to shake your very foundation and you'll see that you don't have true peace. I know, I've been there. I encouarge you today to ask JESUS to be the LORD of your life and have everlasting peace. It's as simple as admitting you're a sinner, asking for forgiveness with the words of your mouth and believing in your heart and making it permanent change to want to serve HIM daily. Yeah, you'll still make mistakes...being a Christian doesn't mean you are perfect, it means you are forgiven and have a relationship with the Creator of the universe. It means expecting those things which are not as though they are-healing, prosperity, peace, love, joy, happiness. It doesnt' happen over night, but as you grow in Christ, You'll see the changes, people around you will see the changes, and the best part is that one day when you die off this earth, you have an eternal home in Heaven.

Blessings until next time!


Rosemary said...

Well said, sister!