Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Home to RV safely!

We got back to the RV yesterday around 3 pm. DD had a very dull birthday...sad...several bdays in a row have been a bummer for her and often we are on the road. This year we even had to do laundry and then went to the store and got a cake. :) Oh well...guess it's all part of becoming an adult!

Dh did surprise us by taking us to Kansas City, MO for a Royals game on Friday night. We got there Thursday, and my sister surprised us (well dh knew). We had a blast and also got to meet one of my Homeschool Lounge friends, Kelly and her precious little boys, that were just darling!

Other than that, not much looked good, TX wasn't terribly hot in the less than 24 hours we were and we got the boat...which made dh very happy!



Goose Hill Farm said...

I am so glad you are back home SAFE AND SOUND! :> )

I love you, my friend! I am sorry Doodles didn't have a more enjoyable birthday, but PTL you were all TOGETHER!