Friday, July 10, 2009

oh this is hysterical...

CNN posted..."As nation gains, size 14 is the new 10"

See honey I'm not fat...I'm the new 10!!!! :P


Just Me said...

Hey... I want to know the NAMES of those stores where you walk in a size 14 and come out a size 10! Does that mean if I walk in a size 16 I will come out a size 8? Seems logical to me! LOL!

That was too funny! Thanks for the laugh...

Love ya,

Goose Hill Farm said...


That is just too funny! Stacey, I like your way of thinking, girl!! :> ) Ha......I think my one thigh is a size 10! LOL

Love ya~

christy said...

How then, does that explain the fact that I had to buy a large bathing suit bottom and a medium top?