Friday, September 11, 2009

truly shocked and surprised...

I'm honestly shocked and surprised by all the comments I have received from so many about my blog. I truly didn't think anyone was reading anymore because I had been away for so long. I appreciate all the kind words and thoughts. I was probably still going to blog more as a journal and keep it private for my own use than open as it is now, if I didn't have followers. Thank you all for the encouragement and I'll definitely keep it open...I didn't want to make it private if you all are reading. Thanks!

So here's a couple things going on....

Yesterday morning I was looking at my arm...I thought...when and where did I get that bruise? then I realized it was blueberry juice on my arm that didn't come off from the night before. (I hadn't showered yet) LOL!

The cows will be leaving soon...Do you all know about the cows? Did I share that only on my FB? Hmmm...I don't recall. The owner has about 100 cows here in the pastures. The cows have been entertaining, needless to say. They come by the house and moo. LOL They often will wake me up in the morning. I would leave statuses on my FB about the cows...soon I was using cow words to describe my day, my! (so you get the point)
But soon the cows will leave. :( The mamas will stay, but the calves will go to be fattened up in another pasture...from my understanding. Then the mamas will go soon for the winter. No cows to talk about. That will be sad. :(

Our house is still up for sale, but now under a new realtor. The old realtor's contract ran out. We didn't feel he did anything so we hired someone new. Hoping this person will be successful in getting it sold or at least leased out. Please keep us in your prayers.

ND is in autumn or as most of us say it, Fall. The leaves are starting to turn and fall of the trees...the ND winds certainly do their share to help! The sky is turning gray and the days are getting shorter. When we first got here it would get dark around 10pm, now it's about 8-8:30.

My sister was here for Labor Day weekend. We picked her up in Minneapolis. We stayed a few days and went to the Mall of America as well as found the house that they used for the Mary Tyler Moore show. They only used the outside as her apartment building. We also went downtown and found the Mary Tyler Moore statue and some of the other landmarks they use in the opening credits. It was fun. On the way back to ND, we stopped at Costco. How I miss Costcos! They only have Sam's here....used to like them, but much prefer Costcos instead! Got lots of stuff...and then we finished our way back to little rv on the prairie. My sister was here until Tuesday...then the kids and I drove back to MN to take her to the airport. I told her next time just fly into Fargo...I'll pay the difference. (well we've seen the MN sites
We also went to Detroit Lakes while she was here and had a picnic on Labor Day. It was a beautiful day.

School is going well. We've taken a few weeks off with my sister's visit, etc. But next week we'll be going full steam ahead again.

Not much else to share today....
Remembering 9-11 eight years ago. Sad....
Remembering my friend, Debbie's birthday and the little guy Nicholas that use to live across the street from us, today. Happy...

Blessings until next time!


Susan said...

Enjoys the news tidbits.