Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quality time

I love spending time with my kids!  I love when we are all together, and I really love when I get to spend some one on one time with them getting to know them better.  Today I got to spend time with my son.  He's going to be 15 in a few short days.  He's starting to discover girls...LOL!  (not in a bad way)  He's so cute, because we have a bond and a trust that I don't think we'd have if he went to public school.  He will tell me and often ask me, "Do you think she's cute, Mom?"  I love that.  It goes both ways...I'll find a cute girl and ask her what he thinks.  I'm so blessed to be this young man's mom.  Thank YOU, LORD!  :)


Susan said...

Truly a blessing of The Lord.

Michele said...

It must be really nice to have a normal son. I wouldn't know--I have a girl-obsessed eight year old boy, lol. I wish I could get his mind off girls!
We're a homeschool family too and I've been looking for other homeschool bloggers. Would you mind if we linked to you from our homeschool blog?