Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TX Wildfires

Please pray for the fires in TX.  Several are near are house and many of our friends homes.  A friend's sil, lost her home over the weekend.  It's been so dry and very, very little rain.  According to the forecast there's no end in sight.  I know GOD can change that and I'm praying HE does.
Please pray for these needs if you have a few minutes:

  • Those that have lost homes (so far about 500 homes have been destroyed)
  • Those that are in the path of these devastating fires
  • Those that are protecting and serving
  • For the winds to die down completely
  • For the much needed rain
Also, a few other requests:
  • My friend Donna.  Her mom past away yesterday
  • My friend M.  Her DIL miscarried. 
  • For all those returning to school-safety and protection from transportation to while they are behind the 4 walls
  • My friend Roger-gainful employment. 
  • My friend Cammie's sister-complete peace of mind
Thanks and blessings until next time!


Anonymous said...

They are bad, we had one up here by bridgeport