Monday, August 29, 2011

Marking his territory

Around 4 am Sunday morning, I kept hearing a funny noise, while I was half asleep.  Finally after several times, I realized it was the dog banging his bowl around to go out.  I got up and let him out.  I stood there waiting and watching.  He wasn't doing his business, so I figured he wanted his privacy, came inside, went to the bathroom, and went back out to get him, where in fact, he still hadn't gone!  Annoyed, I said to him, "GO!" 

He looks at me, and goes on his dogfood box!  I shout at him in a whispered shout, "SCOUT!"  He jumps up in the RV knowing I'm not happy with him!  Where I notice the dog food box lid is off.  I made sure he didn't get the food wet....gross!  and crawl back in the RV and into bed.

About 20 minutes later, I hear Scout scratching at the door.  UGH, I figure he didn't finish going, so I got up again and was going to let him out.  I got the door open, and instead of him running down the steps like he normally does, he took one giant leap out, where I see the dog food lid off and a critter running from Scout.  I assume it was a raccoon.  Crazy dog must of heard the coon, didn't like him over in his dog food!  That's why he kept waking me up and why he went on his dog food box.

What's hilarious is the whole time we lived at the State Park and Amarillo, we were more like the country and never had any coons come mess with his food, and now in the city here they all come.  LOL

Blessings til next time!