Monday, February 16, 2009

Rambling Thoughts on a Rainy Monday

Where to begin?

Saturday, My url friend, Haley and her dd's, and me and my girls hung out. We went and got them and then went shopping, lunch, got my hair highlighted (I'm sure that was the *highlight* of their day-lol) and then did a little more shopping before taking them home. It's always fun to meet new friends and enjoy their company. On the way home, I picked up Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizzas and some long stem strawberries and dipping chocolate for dinner. I also picked up a pork roast and sauerkraut for Sunday's dinner-YUMMY!

Sunday, the kids have been asking us to take them to Pink Panther 2, so that's what we did. Better than the first one-we all agreed. Came home to the YUMMY pork roast.

Today, we'll head back to Houston, and take dh to the airport tomorrow. He flies out for a job interview. He'll interview on Wednesday am and then fly back. Please keep him in your prayers-not only for the interview, but for safety, etc. He also has an interview on Thursday afternoon too! So hopefully he'll have the right job soon!

My heart's kinda heavy...between the job stuff, and then I found out my brother and my dad are at odds with each other...sigh...I don't know anything except my brother refuses to speak to my dad...and there's some other things going heart is heavy...I'm really concerned about this new presidency and administration. It saddens me when people think we can have world peace and that we should all get along. I wish that was possible, truly I do, but it ain't gonna happen, it's not! And what really concerns me is when people that consider themselves Christians, think that way too...have they not read the WORD of GOD? Do they not understand or know? I guess that's a post for another day though! So for now I'll stop...

Blessings until then!

PS the rodeo is near...hence the background! :D

This is an old favorite couple of songs of mine...very appropriate for how my heart is feeling lately. :)


Susan said...

I pray that your brother and dad reconcile,and your husband find that "right" job soon. Life is far to short for family to be at odd's with each other.

Rosemary said...

Those songs really ministered to me today. I tend to avoid Twila Paris, and both of those songs, because of the association of what was going on in my life at the time they came out and were popular. No fault of hers or the songs, just old baggage of mine. But today I took a deep breath and clicked on the arrow and listened . . . and was blessed. The old images are still there---I'm not going to go out and buy the album or anything---but it was good to be able to be uplifted by the lyrics at the same time. Thanks for choosing them.

You know I pray for you daily---sometimes several times a day---and I will add your brother and your dad in there. It's just one more arrow pointed at you right now. Hang in there, sister. Having done all, stand.
hugs to you,

sweeteeyore71 said...

also will keep you and your family in my prayers--will have to come back and play the video--for some reason it did not play for me (story of my life lately LOL)--seems the more i am suppose to "hear" something the more "satan" doesn't let me so i am sure there is a message for me to come back too--so i will DEFINATELY come back to the video--blessings to you--and i also pray for AMERICA and our president--think we all need to look towards the lord and not the president to solve our problems and peace, etc--think we are looking for miracles in the wrong places. blessing wendy

Renee' said...

Cool Blog you have :), seen your post over at Lauras

Leah C said...

Ah, I love the warrior is a child- an old favorite!