Saturday, February 28, 2009

I guess he now knows....

Paul Harvey died today in AZ. He was 90 yrs old. I guess he now knows the rest of the story. :) A vacation will never be the same without hearing him.

Please pray for my url friend KK. Last night her 2 yr old son went to be with the LORD very unexpectedly. Right now they think he choked to death. She mentioned yesterday he had pink eye and was running a slight fever. She went to give him Motrin. Not sure if she gave him some, or while she was giving him some or what...but he went limp and never could be resuscitated.

DH didn't get the job he flew up for. There are still a couple we haven't heard from. Hopefully something will come soon.

The house was relisted for March 12th for sale...under a different agent and broker. The one this summer was a story in itself...sigh...hopefully it will sell soon.

Not much new this past week. Haven't been on much...didn't feel like typing and really didn't have much to say. Oh and apparently I really can't drop facebook...unless I stay away forever! So now I've decided just not to put anything else too personal on there. I will save that for here. LOL...yes, there is a difference in my mind...even if there really isn't a difference. It's hard to leave all my friends there.

Blessings for now.


Susan said...

Oh my heart goes out for your friend KK. I cannot comprehend that type of loss. I will keep them in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

also sorry for your friend--will also keep her in my prayers--as well as you and your husband--life is certainly trying and an adventure--been climbing many mountains myself--blessings to you.