Monday, August 9, 2010

Common Sense

Maybe it's just me...but I really thinking this generation lacks common sense.  sigh...

For example there is this sign when you enter the park:

Then there's this one:

or how about this one when you get up to the front of the booth:

So if that's the case, why do I get questions like:

Do I need a permit to come into the park?
I'm just dropping off so and so, do I need a permit?
I'm going over to the marina, do I need a permit? (the marina is in the park)
We just want to drive around the park, do we need a permit?

Or how about these pictures-what do you suppose these mean?

or this one?

or how about this one?
But instead, what does a car do today, right in front of the ranger? 
Yes, I'm serious!

And how about this sign?

This is by far the most annoying!  Because I get questions like this:
The beach is closed?  (um that's what the sign says, the beach has been closed almost all summer)
When will the beach be open? (um, now how would I know that?  maybe when the water goes down?)
Why is there high water?  (um perhaps because it rained for days?)
AND before we had due to high water and the sign just said, "Beach closed"
we would get things like?
Why is the beach closed?  It's not because of e-coli is it?  (Seriously if it was e-coli, ONE, wouldn't it be all over the news?  TWO, would we even have the park open?  THREE, would we allow you to go boating?)

Sometimes I wish Jay Leno was standing by to record these....LOL
Blessings until next time!