Monday, August 2, 2010

Let me tell you what!

Bella and I got new bikes last week.  They are the old fashioned push pedal, brake pedal type.  I haven't had a new bike in 25 years.  Before we moved to ND, I got rid of my old 10 speed in a garage sale.  I seldom rode that bike.  I could never get use to the brakes on the handle bars and never did understand how to do all the gears.  I was raised on an old brake type-so I was happy to see them making a come back!  :D  Bella and my bikes looks like this only a different color.  She got a light blue and I got a fushia color.

Let me tell you what!  WHAT!!!  LOL...riding a bike at 45 is NOT the same as riding a bike when I was 13!  (Well that and the fact, I'm so out of shape!)  I can barely make it up a small incline.  I can't imagine riding up an actually hill!  Thankfully, the park has a nice loop about a mile long, that I've been able to go around a few times each night, with very small inclines.  I think I'll just keep working on that before I take any hills!  But I can imagine in a few months time, if I keep it up, I'll be a tad slimmer!  (well I hope so, at least)

Blessings until next time!


Rosemary said...

My dear hubby just fixed up my bike, so I'll be joining you in your rides. You are right---it's not the same as it was when I was a kid! LOL