Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Church Billboard

I was so blessed to get to go back to KS and see my Birthday girl afterall.  I was especially blessed by friends on FB when I asked for a favor.  I had them PM me and I asked them to send her a bday card, since I couldn't/wouldn't be there.  Really I wasn't going to be.  DH told me the night before to go!  We had a grand time.  We took her out for dinner when we got there.  (just the kids and I went, dh stayed behind to work)  The next day she had school, so we went to the state park and said hello to the people we knew there.  Saturday, Doodles had tickets to the Double A team game in Springfield.  So after school,  (yes, she attends on Saturday)  we drove out there and watched the ballgame.  We drove back and apartment shopped on Sunday. 

All that to say, on our way back yesterday, I saw a Church Billboard that read (wish I had taken a picture to insert here)

Happiness is an inside job.
It is, isn't it? 

Have a blessed one!