Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So apparently, when DH and I thought all the big dishes dropped and busted all over the floor, it turned out it was only a couple.  The large bowl was shattered and some of the small and middle plates.  I really never used the small ones. Boy!  did they ever leave a mess though. 
I was so happy when DS looked in the cabinent and saw the big plates and said, "Mom, there's a bunch of big plates in here!"  I made him count them.  LOL  There was like 6 or 8.  I was elated!  :)

In other news, on our way to Freeport Sunday, dh got a call from a friend offering him a better job in Houston.  After praying and weighing the options, we decided to take that job.  The pay is a little less, but there were more pluses.

  • Dh wouldn't have to work in the office and the field (in a chemical plant)
  • We would be even closer to family and friends
  • We aren't on the immediate gulf coast (always a plus during hurricane season)
  • Lots of overtime
  • Direct hire with benefits
  • Long term
  • Gets to work with a group of Christian men!!!
GOD is SO good!  When our economy is the way it is, DH had a job in Amarillo, got another offer which we were going to take in Freeport, and still got a better job in Houston!  I think that's proof of serving a GOOD GOD, and a testimony of if you abide in HIM.  ;)

We drove to League City on Sunday instead of Freeport, so DH could go in and talk to his friend on Monday.  After he for sure got the job, we stayed there until yesterday, visiting some of our favorite friends.  Yesterday, we moved the RV to a super nice RV Resort.  We have all kinds of nifty amendities.
  • exercise room
  • wifi
  • cable
  • our dog can be outside during the day, as long as we are here at the RV
  • swimming pool
  • spa
  • dog runs
  • dog wash
  • trash pick up
  • propane refills-yeah, they come over and pick up your bottle!
  • store
  • next door to a park with a fishing pond
  • full hook ups
  • level concrete pad with picnic table
  • Nice, clean laundry facilities
  • Clean restrooms and showers (not that we would use them often)
Might not be a big deal to some people, but after you live in an RV for a long time, you appreciate some parks more than others.  Just ask the boy!  LOL

Still need an apartment for Doodles by Friday morning.  That's a little stressful, but I know GOD will figure it out.  (wish I would let it go, and not worry about it)
Have to go up to KS and help her move and be a hand model for her on Saturday.  I'm leaving tonight, driving as far as I can before I get tired, and finish up tomorrow. 
Prayers would very much be appreciated.