Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Review, etc.

So Bella and I went to see the "New" Pooh movie on Saturday, while DH and DS went to see Transformers 3: Blah blah blah-whatever it's called.  LOL

Must say, I was a bit disappointed.  I was under the impression this was going to be a NEW storyline.  It wasn't.  :(  Same old story.  But for us that love Pooh, it was entertaining, light, and fun.  Short and sweet, maybe an hour and 15 minutes long?!  There were several kids around 3 in the theater and it held their attention with the songs and music.  So, if you wonder if it will hold a youngester's attention, likely it will!

After the movie, there was a Putt-Putt place next door.  Bella and I went there, because the boys still had quite sometime for their movie to be over.  I can't imagine sitting in the car or theater waiting for their movie to end~sigh.  So we hit the putt-putt place and had a wonderful time.  Cheap entertainment at it's finest!  and the BEST  PART is I got to spend quality time with my Bella!!!!

Monday blessings!  :D