Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Part 1:Being a Christian... (extremely long)

The other day I was at a home school chat. I met a gal in there that home school's her youngest dd, using Alpha Omega, she reads the Bible and yet says she isn't a Christian. She decided to start homeschooling after her middle child had been a victim of violence at school. :( She said she reads the Bible because it helps her feel better about far as why she uses a Christian curriculum is still beyond me. I found it all rather interesting. I asked her why? (because I'm a why person-always have been...drove my parents crazy, drives my dh crazy...had a Pastor like that...thank GOD someone could relate to's NOT that we are trying to be rebellious...just always trying to understand, further our understanding???) Anyhow afterwards she took me off of her friend's list. :( So I sent her this:

hey, not to bug you again, but apparently I did offend you otherwise you wouldn't have taken me off your friend list. And that's fine...I want you to know I didn't purposely offend you and if you thought I was judging you I ask for your forgiveness. That wasn't my intentions at all. I was trying to understand why you would read the Bible and teach your child a Christian curriculum. I'm one of those why people...I'm sorry for that...I always have.

Just one more thing, Christians aren't perfect, I make mistakes just like anyone else...and sometimes my flaws are more obvious than a non Christian, but one thing I am, is a loving person. I don't want you to become a Christian because I said you need to or because I'm trying to push my values on you. I want you to consider it because the Bible says you must confess Jesus as LORD and savior and believe in your heart...I might not be the best example of a Christian, but what kind of friend or person would I be if I have the answer to save you and I didn't share it with you?

Thanks for your time, and again I apologize for offending you.

Why did I send this to her...well because I started thinking about how many religious people she's probably come across. See, I asked her in our conversation if she was a Christian. She said no. (that's how I knew, if you were wondering...I had a feeling, so I asked) She said something about not being religious. I said being a Christian isn't about religion it's about having a personal relationship with GOD and HIS SON JESUS. (I didn't even mention the HOLY that probably really would have pushed some buttons) and of course I mentioned about asking/confessing with your mouth and believing in your heart and that's what the BIBLE says...she's said that she was one of those that believes if your a good person you'll go to Heaven.

Before I sent the note I was praying and thinking how many times so called "Christians" have offended non Christians because of their "holier than thou" attitude, thumping people over the head with the WORD of GOD...I don't want to be one of those kind of Christians...I want to be real...what you see is what you get...I make mistakes, I still say bad words when I get mad...YES, I STILL get mad...I still get offended sometimes...I still don't always walk in love...I'm still a human being for crying out loud!!! But, I have a relationship with my FATHER in Heaven through HIS SON JESUS CHRIST...and when I get angry or offended or whatever it is, I can go BOLDLY before the throne and ask for forgiveness and often times humble myself and GOD gently reminds me "you're wrong"

Okay, getting a little off track I was praying and seeking GOD and just thinking about how many times Christians give that attitude...that JUDGMENTAL attitude, and how many people end up not getting saved because it turns them away. How very sad...and so I realized often times we as Christians, even though maybe we don't realize we are being judgmental, we probably are...and that made me made me realize that the reason I want to share my faith isn't because I think I'm right or they are wrong or I am wrong and they are right...(I'm not trying to say someone is right or wrong here)'s that If I don't how will they know? How will they know they could have everlasting life? How will they know they can have peace that passes all understanding? How will they know they have the Victory? How will they know that they can walk in freedom? How will they know that by HIS stripes they are healed???? It's like I'm in a life boat and they are drowning and I have the life preserver, but I look at them and don't throw it to them...and that hurts so much to think how many people we've let slip by because of our religious, condemning, judgmental attitudes. And then I realized what kind of friend, Christian am I if I don't share the WORD with them, knowing they don't know the Truth? So now I'm praying how to do that without being judgmental, condemning, or religious...because of my WHY personality.

So in conclusion that's why I sent that msg to this that she will know I love her, because the thought of somebody perishing in HELL makes me sad...sad enough to care...not sad for me, although I guess in a way it does make me sad if I didn't share and have to live with that for the rest of my life and answer to GOD for it when I depart this earth, BUT mostly sad to think there is a hurt and dying world out there, and I do have the POWER to do something about's the POWER in me, and HIS name is JESUS!!! and because of HIM, I do LOVE this gal and want to see her saved and her family saved.

Blessings until next time!


GinaLaughed said...

Wow Bobbi! I just prayed for this gal. Please update us should you find out she came to know the Lord! I know a person who came to know the Lord by reading through the book of Romans. I'm encouraged to hear she's reading the Word and using Christian curriculum..

I stand guilty as charged especially when I was young in the Lord and so zealous for Him. I can think of a couple of people I probably turned off. :(

pottermom said...

I love your transparent heart.

Jenileigh said...

Amen! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!

Penless Thoughts said...

Some plant, some water, but God gives the harvest. 1 Cor 3:7

It's so wonderful God is using you in that mix with this woman.

4kids&luvit said...

Hi! I'm a homeschool mom who's in love with Jesus too! This was a good post of yours, I've been through it too. Keep being "salt" to this woman! I'm sorry that a bad experience led your friend to homeschool, HOWEVER it looks like God is using that situation to do a work in her heart- keep praying. Check my blogs out if you get a chance!

Pure and Sensible said...

Hi Bobbi! Great post! I love your theme. It's beautiful! Have a BLESSED weekend! ~Leinani